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Eliminating Infestation: Preventing Dry Rot Damage to Roof

It’s the damage you can’t see spreading that’s the most dangerous for your roof. Often, creeping rot and decay start to spread from the concealed parts of your roof. And, before you know it, it’s too late to mitigate the damage. When it comes to eliminating roof dry rot infestation, its important to spot the signs of dry rot and assess your risk of rotting roof to see if there is still time for preventing dry rot damage, or if it is time for repairing dry rot roof damage if it is too late to stop. If you believe you are experiencing dry rot on your roof, talk to a professional at Stapleton Roofing right away. We can help you get the repairs you need and get your roof back in shape, but leaving dry rot alone for too long will increase the cost of damage and repairs that you will need later! Steps to Finding and Eliminating Roof Dry Rot Infestation One of the things to look out for is dry rot, an invasive and fast-spreading fungi commonly [...]

July 23rd, 2019|

Durability & Aesthetic: AstonWood® Steel Shingles

A roof that strikes a balance between strength and visual appeal is rare. Conventional roofing materials usually excel in one of the two, but are lackluster when it comes to the other. Luckily, leading manufacturers have produced roofing systems that have the right mix of qualities. AstonWood shingles for roofing are a preferred shingle from TAMKO trusted roofing products, and some of the best AstonWood steel shingles features include the AstonWood shingle lightweight durability, AstonWood shingle design flexibility, and the aesthetic of AstonWood shingles. AstonWood steel shingles, if you haven't considered the benefits of metal roofing, are an example of metal roofing rising in popularity as both practical and aesthetic roofing. Wooden roofs, in particular, have been an enduring long-time favorite among homeowners because of their classic appeal. If you’re looking for a durable roof, however, your contractor may not suggest getting a wooden roof because of its susceptibility to wear and tear, and the considerable maintenance it requires. Metal Roofing Benefits Wooden roofs can be expensive in the long-run and a hassle, especially if they develop leaks that can [...]

July 12th, 2019|

Blisters on Flat Roofs: Why Roof Blisters Happen

Changes in the weather may result in roof blisters. Causes of roofing blisters may vary, and for Arizona residents with new flat roofing systems and annual storms, knowing how to fix blisters, ways for preventing roof blistering on commercial flat roofs, and why roof blisters happen is an important part of regular roof maintenance that keeps their homes protected in this harsh climate. They may not require immediate attention, but failing to address the problem of roof blisters could damage the membrane and expose the underlying substrate to moisture. Don't ever leave obvious roof system damage unaddressed. Why Do Roofs Blister? If you've ever wondered why roof blisters happen, we have complied a list of causes of roofing blisters, tips for preventing roof blistering, and how to fix blisters on flat roofing if you have started noticing some. Understanding what they are, what they will mean for your blistering roof, and the best ways to respond them can be an important part of roof maintenance for your home, especially if you are an Arizona resident with a flat roof. [...]

June 19th, 2019|

3 Factors Affecting the Final Price of a Roof Replacement

Investing in a new roof is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost its functionality. This endeavor, however, does not have a fixed price tag. Note that there are multiple factors that drive roofing costs, which means yours could be different from a neighbor tackling the same project. When looking at a roof replacement final price, knowing the roof replacement cost factors such as roof service engineering requirements, roofing service code requirements, and roofing expenses of lifestyle choices for your home, can help you determine what you should be paying. When you are talking to a roofing contractor and looking to get a replacement, they should be clear about roof replacement costs up-front. They should also provide any insight need into what factors into the roof cost of the roof replacement. 3 Major Roof Replacement Cost Factors The roofing service code requirements, roof service engineering requirements, and any roofing expenses of lifestyle choices you've made for your home will effect the roof replacement final price most prominently. Stapleton Roofing has handled roof replacements for residents throughout [...]

June 15th, 2019|

4 Possible Reasons: Asphalt Roof Losing Granules

Roofing granules are an essential component of the roof. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the asphalt roofing granules also function to protect your shingles’ integrity from the elements, especially from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There are some instances when your shingles and roofing could start losing its granules, but, before you call the local roofing companies for help, it’s best you narrow down the possible reasons for granule loss. Some common causes for the asphalt roofing granules loosening could be some new roof granule loss, hail damage to roofs, an aging roof losing granules steadily, or roof installation defects from the roofers who did the roof. Here's how you can determine if one of these causes applies to your roof and shingles. If you are in doubt, have an experienced roofer inspect your roof to take a look at its condition and see if there are any major flaws or damage that could lead to costly issues from the granule loss or repairs on your asphalt roof. A good roofer will know what to look for and can spot signs of shingle [...]

May 15th, 2019|
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