About Our Company

About Our Company

Peoria, Phoenix and surrounding areas, Arizona Roofing Contractor

Since 2010, we’ve been providing top quality roofing services to Valley of the Sun home and business owners who appreciate and expect quality workmanship and unwavering integrity.  Our experienced team has over 30 years of experience in Arizona. Our years of experience means we have been in the roofing industry and seen the practices people have tested and proven to be most reliable and lasting. We also have access to the recent advancements in roofing technology that improve roofing systems for people everywhere and save costs in lots of new ways, such as in sustainable and energy-efficient roofing. We are proud to offer the most trusted roofing and processes as well as revolutionary new roofing developments that add further value to homes and businesses.

A successful contractor relationship is all about having your expectations met. You expect to work with someone who is accountable, approachable, respectful and focused on your job. We spell out our promise up front in our written proposal and provide a comprehensive package. You can have confidence in the promises we offer, as we commit to stick around through the course of the entire project, keeping great communication with every client and remaining attentive to their needs so that they can be sure they are getting the quality they paid for once their roofing project has been completed. Our other clients in communities throughout Arizona who have worked with us can testify to the commitment we made to them.

As a local, family owned and operated Phoenix roofing company, we’ve worked hard to raise the bar for quality and professionalism in Arizona’s roofing industry. Our experienced crew genuinely respects your time, your property and your neighborhood. You’ll notice the difference in everything we do, from our professional appearance and proactive communication to the way we clean-up the worksite daily and follow-up after the job.

Mission Statement:

At Stapleton Roofing, a family owned and operated company, we’re committed to delivering the very best residential and commercial roof construction services without hidden costs or installation shortcuts.

Stapleton Roofing‘s Commitment to our clients:

  • To accurately price your job.  Your project will be free from hidden costs or shortcuts.
  • To set and achieve solid deadlines while working with current weather conditions.
  • To protect and prepare your home before and during all work
  • To avoid surprise by communicating with you all the way through.
  • To clean up daily and leave your property as clean as when we found it.
  • We stay on top of your job from start to finish ensuring your 100%  satisfaction.

If you are an Arizona resident looking for some of the top roofing companies in your area, we can simplify the process for you. When it comes to finding and choosing a quality roofing contractor, recognizing a reputable, local company that is trusted by your neighbors and businesses in your community is a great sign of a company you will want to work with. We understand that it’s important when hiring a roofing contractor to get what you pay for, and finding the best roofing service shouldn’t be difficult.

Stapleton Roofing is committed to excellence in roofing. Our team has seen generations of quality roofing projects completed, satisfied customers throughout Arizona, and a lasting relationship with the community we have served for so many years. Clients know they can trust the experts at Stapleton Roofing with any project, whether it be roof repair, roof replacement, roof maintenance, roof installation and construction, roof inspection, roof consultation and recommendation, or any other home improvement task we tackle. They turn to us knowing we have the discipline to complete each project on time, the mastery to attain excellence, the expertise to provide great insight, the accessibility to top-quality products, and the relational credibility to build respectful, friendly, reliable partnerships with them.

If you or someone you know is ready to experience service from the team that has raised the bar in roofing industry excellence, reach out to us. Serving customers in Arizona with all their roofing solutions is our specialty, and we are ready to meet you wherever you at with your roof or home. If you have questions, we’re here to answer them, and if you have a need, we are here to hear it and fulfill that need with our roofing services. If you are ready to begin a great partnership, don’t hesitate! Call Stapleton Roofing today!