If need to replace your roof, be sure to cover all the bases when selecting your roofer to ensure your investment will not go to waste. Keep in mind the following when making your first call to signing your contract. A roof replacement call is a step to a journey of getting your roof replaced properly and with excellence. You will find yourself having roofing phone conversations including calling for roof replacement initial consultation, roof inspection for replacement, recommendation for roof replacement, scheduling it, and beyond. Stapleton Roofing, a team of roofing experts, can help you walk through each step along this journey asking the questions you need to get your best roof replacement.

Successfully Having Roofing Phone Conversations

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When you are making a roof replacement call, you should know ahead of time the process you will be working through to get the service you need. Usually, having roofing phone conversations happens in a few stages, including initial planning and preparation, calling for roof replacement initial consultation, scheduling a roof inspection for replacement, and getting a roofer’s recommendation for roof replacement, finally coming to a decision about replacing your roof and scheduling it. If you are calling for roof replacement, these three tips will help you be prepared for those consultations and know what questions to ask and what to expect.

If you are a homeowner in Arizona, we would love to help you out with fixing your roof damage or replacing your roof. If you’re looking for reasons why we are a great roofing company, we can name a few. Homeowners throughout the Southwest trust our team and love our work. We love serving homeowners like you and making sure your roof and property is taken care of the right way.

Roof Replacement Initial Consultation

Most often, the consultation starts with a phone call to one of the roofing companies operating in your area. Inform the company representative of any concerns that you may have with your roof, like leaks or storm damaged shingles. The company will schedule your roof to be inspected on a mutually agreed time.

When calling for roof replacement initial consultation, you have an opportunity to ask a lot of the questions you might have before you begin the whole process of replacement. A good roofing contractor will take the time to answer your questions and any objections you might be having initially, paying attention to your needs so that the overall roofing process runs smoothly and the roofers will know exactly how to help you.

Roof Inspection for Replacement

The next step is inspecting the roof. This is important to determine the degree of damage to your roof, the origin of leaks and all other issues. A roof inspection for replacement is important, and homeowners or business owners mustn’t skip this or leave it undone for long. You don’t want to start a roofing project without proper knowledge of everything your roof needs fixed, especially after a severe storm.

During a complete inspection, expect your roofer to go into the attic to check for proper ventilation, insulation and signs of mold and moisture. The roofer will then go up on the roof to check for roof damage, leaks and the condition of the shingles, flashings and the chimney as well as the gutter. Your contractor will also check whether your home’s roof has structural defect, like missing or misaligned shingles. Finding all spots where your roof has suffered damage can help you determine whether you should have it replaced or repaired. Roof damage can be extreme, but it can also be minimal enough to fix through a few simpler repairs without replacing the whole thing.

Before you begin your roofing project, be aware of how much money you can spend on the project. There are many roofing options out there, but knowing your budget can help you choose the right roofing company and services. You may easily get good, affordable roofing from more than one company to repair damage or replace your roof, so be on the lookout for a reasonable free roofing estimate when looking at roofing companies.

Recommendation for Roof Replacement

After determining the issues on your roof, your contractor will draw up a plan and will recommend if a repair will do or if you need a roof replacement. Take it as an opportunity to ask questions about the process.

Getting the great Roofing you Pay for

When you get a recommendation for roof replacement from a trustworthy roofer, keep in mind their expertise on the subject of roofing. Your research has likely even led you to one of the best contractors, and relying on their knowledge is one of the great advantages you’ll pay for by hiring them.

Get Estimates and Consider Costs

Make sure you get information and free estimates on the work they will do, the damage that will be fixed, how much money you will pay, what expenses could occur depending on what is and isn’t covered by the roofer’s insurance policy, and so on.

Know your Timeframe

Be aware of how long the project may take to complete, and whether or not the timeframe is reasonable. A good roofing company can still work fairly fast to complete your roof in most cases. Getting the quality service you pay for should include a good timeframe for completing the project.

Insurance Policy for Roofers

This is also the best time to ask about the contractor license, insurance, workers’ compensation and liability. You should also determine if subcontractors will be used and if the contractor will secure permits. Get a written roofing estimate from your potential roofing company to help determine if the roofer can satisfy your requirements before you trust them to install your new roof.

It’s important that a roofer have insurance when working on your roof. The two types of insurance a roofing contractor definitely needs to have are general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. A claim for general liability insurance covers basic roofing risks. A claim for workers’ compensation insurance covers the costs of work related injuries for the team working on the roof. Some other types of insurance a roofer could have are commercial auto insurance (this insurance claim can cover injury to third parties, or property damage caused by roofing company vehicles or repairs to damaged vehicles) or contractors’ tools and equipment insurance (this insurance claim can cover small tools and equipment that are lost, stolen, or destroyed).

What Should be Covered?

There’s no clear answer about the best policy, it depend on what is important to you concerning your own home and property. However, at the very least your roofer must have general liability and workers’ comp. Finding a contractor that has insurance is important, as you can’t be sure what kind of accidents or damage could happen during a roofing project that would require a claim. Even the most skilled roofer needs to have insurance, so verify that your roofer has insurance before you hire with them.

The Insurance Company

When verifying the insurance of your contractor, you may want to look at the insurance company they work with. Whether insurance companies are valid and reliable is usually not difficult to research for yourself, and you want to make sure that your contractors not only have insurance companies, but that they’re trustworthy and a real company should you have to make a claim. If you can get in contact with the insurance company, this is a good sign. You can ask insurance companies questions about the insurance they offer, how and when to make a claim with the insurance company, and more.

Making a Claim

In addition to knowing about your roofers’ insurance, it’s good to understand when to make a claim, and how to make a claim if it becomes necessary. Knowing the type of insurance your roofers have can help you be aware of the type of claim you can make if you run into damage on your home or property due to the roofer’s team.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractors

Once you have selected your roofing contractor, make sure that you draw up a contract to spell out the coverage of the project. Throughout the course of the project, you’ll want to keep in communication with the team, seeing how the work is going and ensuring all goes according to plan. With diligence, careful planning, attention to detail, and great communication, you may achieve your best roof replacement! Let Stapleton Roofing take the first step with you in calling for roof replacement today.

Call our team, and we will be glad to serve you. Stapleton Roofing is committed to serving our customers and standing by each claim of excellence we make. We are trusted by Arizona homeowners because we offer only the best products and services. Give your trusted roofers a call at (602) 562-4991 or (602) 755-6250 for consultation.

Great Roofing Contractor Name in Arizona

Stapleton Roofing is committed to excellence in roofing. Our team has seen generations of quality roofing projects completed, satisfied homeowners and business owners throughout Arizona, and a lasting relationship with the community we have served for so many years. Clients see that they can trust the experts at Stapleton Roofing with any project, whether it be repair, replacing a roof, maintenance, installation and construction, consultation and recommendation, or any other home improvement task we tackle. They turn to our company knowing we have the discipline to complete each project on time, the mastery to attain excellence, the expertise to provide great insight, the accessibility to top-quality products, and the relational credibility to build respectful, friendly, reliable partnerships with every homeowner.

From Damage Repairs to Makeovers

Maybe your roof has suffered severe storm damage or has not been replaced in a really long time. Maybe your initial installation was faulty and you need to get a better job done. Perhaps you are simply working on home improvement and want a new roof to give your home a fresh, transformed look. Our roofing contractors work with homeowners and business owners throughout Arizona, and our customers love our roofing services! If you’re a homeowner in Arizona, you may depend on us to do a great job with repair and maintenance, and you will never need to turn to another roofing company. We understand how important it is to replace a roof right, and to keep a roof in good condition so as to extend its life for longer. We are in the business of doing first quality installations for homeowners and business owners, and we will keep your roof looking beautiful for you for years and years.

Let us Inspect your Roof

If you suspect that your roof may have suffered severe damage or has other errors, contact a roofing professional like Stapleton right away. We are here to help, and we always help you find the best option for your roofing solution at the best cost. We can inspect your roof, find out any repairs that we may have to make, and give you a fair, accurate estimate.

Stapleton: A Reliable Roofing Company

Stapleton is a name rises to the top among roofing companies. We offer new roofs, repairs, and any information necessary to ensure your roof is properly taken care of. What makes Stapleton a reliable roofing company?

Reliable Insurance

All our roofers are insured, and we work with a great roofing insurance company. Having an insurance company that we can depend on makes us a trustworthy team of roofers, and we can give our clients peace of mind knowing they are working with a great roofing company that works with a great insurance company. Any claim for unintended damage or accident will be handled well and covered by our insurance company, so homeowners don’t have to worry.

Setting the New Roof Standard

If you or someone you know is ready to experience service from the team that has raised the bar in roofing industry excellence, reach out to us. Our customers are impressed by the care we take when it comes to their roof, their property, and their home. We keep our promise of roofing excellence and back up every claim we make. Leave it to us!

Serving many homeowners and business owners in Arizona with all their roofing solutions is our specialty, and we are ready to meet you wherever you at with your roof, property, or home. If you have questions, you may contact us! We’re here to answer them and hear your needs, fulfilling them with our roofing services and even a free estimate. If you are ready to begin a great partnership, don’t hesitate to choose us! Call or contact Stapleton Roofing for more information.

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