After finding your roofers and going over the project plan, there are still a few things that you need to remember and do just before the roofers arrive. Having some general roof replacement expectations, knowing how long replacement takes for a typical roof, knowing your roof replacement total cost, and knowing what to take care of before the roofers arrive can help you be effective in preparing for roof replacement. There are a few general expectations to keep in mind for any roof replacement, but also a few specific recommendations based on how long your replacement takes, what you have in your home, and what your personal needs are. You should allow for slight variations in your timeline and cost, depending on whether additional work should be done. You may also want to take time away from home throughout the process if you are not comfortable having people and noise near you while you are at home.

General Roof Replacement Expectations


Don’t think of them as another burden. The following will just keep your mind and house prepared for the days ahead. Having a set of general roof replacement expectations helps the process run smoothly and ensures that you get what you pay for and what you and your roofers agree to at the start of the project each time you have to take on a roof replacement. Preparing for roof replacement involves knowing how long replacement takes for your roof, having your agreed-upon roof replacement total cost in mind and in writing, and taking steps to get your home ready before the roofers arrive to begin the project.

How Long Replacement Takes

Usually, the estimated time for roof replacement is spelled out in the agreement between the homeowner and the roofing contractor. But as a general guide, installation can take around one to seven days depending on how big the roof is and the kind of roofing material to be used. Knowing how long replacement takes for your roof in particular is important, because roof replacement time can actually really vary with the roofing material and roof size in some cases.

Be open to the possibility that delays could happen despite the preparing for roof replacement that you have done, depending on how long replacement takes if complications arise. Some things will just become apparent the moment the roofers remove your roof like mold and pests. Improper roofing design an also be discovered by your contracted roofing company. All of these factors can add up to additional time and roof replacement total cost, and general roof replacement expectations should also allow for the unexpected.

Roof Replacement Total Cost

The roof replacement total cost has been agreed on prior to the contract, so you know more or less what to anticipate and what general roof replacement expectations to have. However, be aware of the factors that might add to the cost of the project like the ones mentioned above. A roofing contractor who discovers additional problems with a roof that will require additional services to repair will come to you explicitly, stating all that needs to be done and how much additionally each step will cost you, discussing options that are available for completing your roofing project and fully giving your roof what it needs.

Having your roof replacement total cost in writing, as well as any changes to it that you agree to through the course of the project, is an important part of your relationship with your roofing contractor. Stapleton Roofing gives clients constant, thorough, and reliable communication when it comes to costs, time requirements, work completed, and all other promises we make. Trust a company that will do this for you, and avoid roofers who are reluctant to be bound by their promises or avoid putting them in writing.

What to Do Before the Roofers Arrive

Secure your things in your attic before the roofers arrive. Cover everything with a tarp to protect your property from dust and debris. Move your vehicles and lawn furniture to a safer place. This will minimize damage just in case something untoward happens while the roofers are hauling materials to your roof. It will also give them space to move around your house. Preparing for roof replacement is important to protecting your home and belongings, especially as roof replacement can be a messy job. Roofing contractors usually do a thorough cleanup after a project, but it is still a good idea to shield everything you possibly can from dust and debris in the first place just to be safe.

Consider finding another place to stay in the meantime. The hustle and bustle, the constant hammering and the dust and debris from the site might be intolerable to some people. Though roof replacement generally only takes a few days, it can be a disruption in your life if you don’t do well with noise and business, especially when it is right in your home. For people who work from home, continuing on without interruption can be nearly impossible.

Having a roof replaced takes time, patience, understanding, and good communication between all parties involved. A great roofer will make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the progression of your roof replacement. They will see to it that your needs are met both for your roof and for you as a homeowner. Entrust your roof replacement to Stapleton Roofing, and start a strong, roofing partnership that you can depend on for all your roofing needs.

If you are preparing for roof replacement, Stapleton Roofing has worked with clients throughout Arizona for generations, providing great roofing service and doing many roof replacements. Our team is fast, efficient, committed to excellence, and very friendly to work with. Talk to us today if you would like to schedule a roof replacement, we would be happy to help!

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