Small problems with your roof, left untreated, can lead to bigger problems for your home. Just one peeled edge on a shingle can let in water that can seep into the underlayment and then into your home, causing rot and allowing mold and mildew to spread like a virus. Just one loose piece of flashing can do the same. The earlier you spot these problems, the earlier you can determine potential damage and if a new roof may be needed. 

Here are the five weakest areas of your Roof:


Shingles aren’t as durable as tile, and don’t hold up as well during the extreme temperatures of our Phoenix summers. Shingles can blister, buckle or curl in the heat, and the granules can begin to degrade, which you will likely see in the gutters. The strong monsoons that blow through in the summer and early fall are also likely to rip off shingles or can knock them loose. Any of these issues can provide an entryway for water, leading to more serious damage.


A sturdy gutter system is essential during the Arizona monsoon season. Without it, rain would pool around your home and damage your siding and foundation. If your gutters are clogged, the water can also backup to your roof, damaging the roofing materials, soffit or fascia. Any of these issues can lead to major repairs.


Flashing refers to the components that seal the roofing materials around chimneys, vents, and other openings or connections on your roof. Flashing is also used in valleys and in places where the roof meets a wall. Flashing is made of aluminum or steel in most cases, and the material can either rust or come loose. Any cracks or openings around the flashing are an entry point for water, which can be devastating to a roof and other building materials.


The fascia are the horizontal boards running along the edge of your roof, just under the eave. This is the border you see around the home — kind of like trim for the roof. The fascia protects the roof edge and serves as an anchor for your gutter system. Over time, the fascia can begin to rot, which will allow water to seep into the roof and will weaken your gutter system.


The soffit are the boards running between the fascia and your home, closing the gap between your roof eave and your home. Without it, you would see plain rafters and the underside of your roof. It also plays a key role in the ventilation of your home and keeps pests out of your attic or roof. If the soffit develops cracks or holes, critters can get inside and wreak havoc on your home.

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