When it comes your roof, manufacturers typically provide warranties for their products. Conversely, they have their own criteria in regards to the things that void their coverage. Stapleton Roofing, the leading roofing company, shares some of these below.

Roofing Warranties


Roofing ventilation systems are an attic must-have to promote balanced air flow in the area. This helps prevent heat and moisture from getting trapped in your living space as heat and moisture tend to rise, which could affect your roofing system and result in many structural issues. Roofs can also deteriorate early because of the extra heat on the underside of your shingles. Count on experienced pros like us to inspect the area and provide necessary solutions.


Many companies set strict rules when it comes to the installation of their products. This assures consumers that the items can withstand the test of time. These regulations, however, can vary from the number of nails per shingle to even the length of the nail. This is why working with the roofers who know the installation procedure guarantees the roofing system’s long-lasting performance.

Old Roof

Installing a roof on top of your existing one won’t automatically void the warranty, but it can shorten it. Multiple layers of shingles on your system absorb more heat than necessary, shortening its service life. Additionally, new shingles tend to stick to the old ones and cause bulging and expansion. Some building codes also dictate that you can’t place new roofing materials over existing ones.

Working with the right roofing contractor can prevent these three issues. Stapleton Roofing has a team of specially trained contractors that can flawlessly install your roof. We offer high-quality products from the leading roofing manufacturers in the country: GAF®, TAMKO® and CertainTeed.

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