Your roof is exposed to different weather conditions. It gets battered by strong winds, heavy rains, occasional hail and scorching heat from the sun. What most people fail to remember is that there’s one thing that’s very damaging to your roof: ultraviolet (UV) rays. Knowing how radiation effects roofing, how sunrays damage a roof, and the full impact of UV rays on roofing can help you decide on how best to coat your roof. Elastomeric acrylic coatings protect your roof from sunlight, and causes a reduced effect of radiation on elastomeric coating roofs. Reflecting away the sunrays on acrylic roofing systems will preserve your roof and extend its lifespan significantly. Keeping damaging sunlight off your roof will save you money in the long run, as you need fewer repairs and replacements for your roof, but it will also protect your home and other assets from the damage that could occur in the event of roof failure that UV radiation can cause.

Effects of UV Rays on Roofing


UV rays, which naturally come from the sun, affect everything exposed to them. Materials that have little to no resistance to UV rays degrade over time as these rays damage them at the molecular level. It is incredible how radiation effects roofing. It can be surprising to see how much and how quickly sunrays damage a roof. It is good to know why sunrays damage a roof and how radiation effects roofing, especially roofs in your community and climate, and how to prevent these effects becoming too severe on your home. The Arizona sun is not only hot, it causes severe UV radiation damage to everything it touches, including roofing systems.

UV degradation, as the breakdown process initiated by exposure to UV rays is called, can happen to many different materials, including rubber, neoprene and polyvinyl chloride (or PVC). To much exposure to UV rays leads to roof materials losing their color, strength and flexibility. To better protect your roof, you could upgrade to metal roofing or apply a special material called elastomeric acrylic coating. The effects of sunrays on acrylic roofing coatings like elastomeric acrylic are lessened significantly. The damaging UV rays on roofing systems like your own could be cut down so much that your roofing system will last for several years longer than it would have otherwise.

Reduced Impact of Radiation on Elastomeric Coating Roofs

Elastomeric acrylic coatings are a liquid-applied coating material that protects your roof from harmful elements. Although it is liquid when applied, it is different from house paint and produces a thick protective membrane when it dries. The coating is usually white in color. This gives roofs added benefits: first, it slows degradation by blocking UV rays and lower the temperature of the roof. This white, light-reflecting surface directs a lot of light away from the surface of the roof, reducing the impact of radiation on elastomeric coating roofing. This reflective ability stops much of the damage of sunrays on acrylic roofing with coatings like this and leads to a longer lasting roof.

Second, the white-colored membrane reflects a significant amount of heat and does not allow it to enter the structure beneath it. This results in a cooler indoor temperature and lower cooling costs. This is an especially money-saving ability that protection from sunrays on acrylic roofing that has an elastomeric acrylic coat gives homeowners, reducing their energy use and A/C bills. Arizona residents love this feature of roof coatings, and it is a very cost-effective way to protect your home from the impact of UV rays on roofing.

Gain Control of How Radiation Effects Roofing on your Home

Now that you know how radiation effects roofing systems and how sunrays damage a roof, you may be interested in a roof coating for your roof. The reduced heat and degradation of UV radiation on elastomeric coating covering a roof gives you an advantage over the sun and its destructive powers. Use this powerful technology and protect your roof from sunrays on acrylic roofing coatings if you are an Arizona resident with an elastomeric acrylic coated roof by re-coating it as needed! You will extend the life of your roof significantly, and you can protect your home from the damaging result of UV rays on roofing that lacks sufficient protection.

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