Homeowners looking to install a new roof often find themselves torn in one or the other direction between tile or shingle roofing. While price is a factor (and a big one) there are a number of things to consider when installing either. Depending on climate, what you choose to install can give you years of satisfaction– if you make the right choice. Stapleton Roofing, a company with generations of experience in roofing service to Arizona residents, gives insight into the differences on tile vs shingle roofing. It helps tile and shingle price comparison as well as looking at shingle and tile roof material differences, tile and shingle styles, and the difference in tile and asphalt shingle roof longevity. We would love to help you in making the perfect roofing decision, and we can offer a great roof installation, whatever roofing type you prefer.

Tile vs Shingle Roofing

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In comparing tile vs shingle roofing, a few features you might want to consider are a tile and shingle price comparison, the shingle and tile roof material differences, shingle and tile styles, and tile vs asphalt shingle roof longevity. Finding the right fit in roofing for your home depends on practicality, appearance, and affordability. Here is how you could go about taking each of these factors into consideration, and landing on the right roofing decision for you.

Tile and Shingle Price Comparison

The first thing that homeowners often look at is the price, and asphalt shingles are the cheapest roofing materials on the market. Tiles are comparatively expensive, and can add thousands of dollars in the price of materials as well as workmanship. Asphalt can be installed more quickly than tile. There are additional considerations as well. Tile roofs usually require more cleaning, and during storms individual tiles can be damaged. This means that beside the cost of purchasing a tile roof, the maintenance costs are higher.

The tile and shingle price comparison is significant, and may be a factor that weighs heavily on roofing decisions, especially if you are making other modifications to your home around the same time. You should carefully consider the other factors that differentiate shingles from roof tiles to determine whether tile or shingle roofing really is the best choice for your home.

Shingle and Tile Roof Material Differences

Tile is considerably more solid than asphalt. Because of its structure, tile is ideal in terms of energy efficiency: it keeps the temperature of the attic relatively stable, something that can be done with an asphalt shingle roof by installing radiant barriers, which then brings up the cost of the asphalt roof installation. What this means is that your basic asphalt shingle roof will ultimately increase your energy costs unless installed with barriers. Attic space under an asphalt roof generally is only within a few degrees in temperature of the roof, so if you use your attic for storage, this needs to be taken into consideration. By contrast, a tile roof substantially reduces both heat entrance and escape, keeping the space beneath at a more stable temperature.

In a colder climate, such as Flagstaff, AZ, this means that the choice in terms of heat is largely irrelevant, as there isn’t as much heat being trapped in an area. But in warmer areas, like Phoenix, a tile roof will do a far better job of stabilizing upstairs temperature than asphalt shingles will. Its strength of insulation is one of the best tile roof material features you can gain from a tile roof. There may be a cost tradeoff, as you may need to pay more to maintain a tile roof, but the reduced cost in terms of energy use could make up for this expense.

Tile and Asphalt Shingle Roof Longevity

Another consideration is longevity– an asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 30 years in the best conditions, whereas a tile roof can last 50 years without any problems. While many asphalt roofs have long warranty periods, the warranties cover manufacturer defects, and over the course of two or three decades a fully functional asphalt roof will need eventual replacement. Asphalt shingle roof longevity being less than other roofing types can mean you will have to spend more time and effort roof replacement as needed, even though the cost of maintenance and replacement may be lower.

Tile roofs, by contrast (which also carry large warranties) can last generations without replacement. This is an advantage in the long run, even though tile roof initial installation can be more expensive than other types of roofing. Phoenix residents love tile and its ability to withstand so many years of harsh storms and monsoon weather conditions, considering they have a lot of other home maintenance issues to worry about during storm season.

Comparing Shingle and Tile Styles

Shingle and tile styles differ in that shingle roofing tends to have a classic and sometimes simpler look, while tile is elegant and has a lot of body. Tile roofing comes in various colors, patterns, and even shapes, and the same is true of shingle roofing. Yet roof tiles can draw more attention to the roof of your home while shingles allow other features of your house to be a greater focal point. Whatever your preference between shingle and tile styles could depend on the appearance of the rest of your home, and what features of your exterior are most important to you.

When to Call a Professional

Homeowners who are torn on the decision of tile vs shingle roofing can get a professional opinion on which is the right roof for them. If you still aren’t sure about which roof is right for you, Stapleton Roofing, one of the top roofing contractors in Phoenix, AZ, offers homeowners free estimates and advice on which is the best choice for your home. Getting a professional opinion can save you a lot of headaches in making the right choice. Call us (602) 755-6250 or contact us at Stapleton Roofing!