A new roof is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It boosts your home’s curb appeal, it improves your home’s protection against the elements, and it helps make your indoor space more comfortable. But more importantly, a timely roof replacement installed by reliable roofers can result in significant savings in the long run. Roofing homeowner insurance rates will improve when a roof is replaced to be more durable, you will incur lower roof replacement repair costs, and your roof replacement energy savings are another advantage of a money saving roof replacement. Let us tell you more about these savings and timely roof replacement benefits.

A Money Saving Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Money saving roof replacement happens in a variety of ways, and timely roof replacement benefits could lessen your short term and long term expenses on your home more than you expected. When you replace your roofing, homeowner insurance rates will improve, potentially allowing for you to save a lot on your home as a whole. When you get a roof replacement, repair costs on you roof for the future maintenance you may need on your roof will go down as well, saving you money on your roof for years. Additionally, when you get a roof replacement, energy savings on your home increase, reducing your expenses for heating and A/C, which adds up to a significant return on your investment over the long run.

Better Roofing Homeowner Insurance Rates

Roofing may not have changed much in terms of looks – in fact, being able to mimic traditional roofing is a plus – but the underlying technologies have taken leaps and bounds in terms of under-the-hood improvements over the years. For instance, traditional roofing felts has been replaced by underlayment material with advanced properties that allow moisture to evaporate while the installation processes are optimized towards improving wind resistance.

In addition to the benefits endowed by a strong and durable roof, these improvements have a positive impact on homeowner insurance rates, which means better insurance premiums and/or better payout in case of storm damage. When you invest in roofing, homeowner insurance rates and the value of your home overall improve, which is a nearly immediate return on your investment especially if you need your insurance for other costs to your home or you plan to sell your home in the future. Also, roofs installed by reputable roofing companies like ourselves have warranty coverage that avoids the need for insurance claims on your roof and makes the roof even more worth its roof replacement costs.

Lower Roof Replacement Repair Costs

Speaking of wind resistance, if your roof replacement budget allows for upgrading to asphalt shingle products with higher wind ratings, go for it. In the event that your area does get hit by a storm, not only do you have the peace of mind knowing your home is safe and sound, but you are also much less likely to spend money on unplanned roof repair costs. Don’t be discouraged! If you live in a rough climate for roofing and you’re considering roof replacement, repair costs for your roof will be lower especially for you as a homeowner. You may need regular maintenance to keep your roof in good condition, but the cost of each repair remains minimal if you get a replacement as needed and maintain your roof well.

Roof Replacement Energy Savings

A new roof is also an opportunity to improve on your attic insulation as well as to choose roofing materials with what is known as “cool roof” features. Cool roofs work the same way as wearing light-colored clothing on a hot day. It reflects sunlight up back to the source as well as radiating already-absorbed heat. This helps reduce your indoor cooling requirements during hot days, resulting in lower monthly energy bills. Your roof replacement energy savings will cut down your costs immediately, and they will add up significantly over time!

Now that you have seen the great timely roof replacement benefits and the return on a money saving roof replacement investment, you may be interested in getting your roof replaced. You, hope to see, with your new roofing, homeowner insurance rates improve for your home, ho have lower roof replacement repair costs for your roof in the future, and to start experiencing your own roof replacement energy savings and reduce your energy expenses every month. Let Stapleton Roofing handle your roofing needs today! We can offer you great service, top quality products, a reliable warranty, and a lasting relationship you will benefit from through your roofing projects and beyond.

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