Foam roofing systems are viable options that not many homeowners know exist. They are, after all, quite uncommon. They offer many advantages over gravel and other surfacing styles. Stapleton Roofing, your trusted roofing company in Phoenix, presents their features and why you should seriously consider them for your next roofing project. Foam roofing has plenty of characteristics that make it an advantageous choice in roofing, especially for Arizona homes. This tough, lightweight, versatile substance can protect your home from more weather and moisture and support more weight on its own than you had likely envisioned. As a roofing solution, foam roofing stands out and definitely deserves consideration.

The Features of Foam Roofing Systems

Foam roof system features give your home an advantage and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. A low maintenance foam roof is applied quickly, and foam roofing easy installation can be done in as little as a day. Eco friendly foam roofing also insulates your home and reduces energy use, and foam roof proven durability creates a roofing structure that doesn’t require additional support. Several foam roof system features make this roofing material advantageous for homes. Foam roofing easy installation is quick, effortless, and it is cost-effective due to have a low maintenance foam roof. No additional structural support is necessary thanks to foam roof proven durability. Eco friendly foam roofing also reduces energy use and waste for your home.

Foam Roofing Easy Installation

Foam roofing is set as a liquid, allowing it to expand and form a protective barrier around pipes and vents. It forms an impenetrable wedge, leaving these penetrations “high and dry.” It insulates and seals even the hardest-to-reach areas from where leaks originate. It works well on commercial properties, where roofing perforations are common. Foam roofing is a self-flashing material, so there’s no more need for other flashing. Installation time on an average-sized residential roof only takes about a day.

With a foam roof protecting your home, you don’t have to worry about leaks or water absorption in your roof. Foam resists water extremely well, and it is lightweight but sturdy, able to bear a lot of weight while not creating any excess of weight itself on your home. Foam is so energy-efficient, it can keep your indoor temperature regulated without the need for excessive energy use. This makes it a great investment for your home that will save you money on heating and AC expenses.

Stapleton Roofing encourages you to hire a professional for your foam roofing easy installation. Our experts are here to build or replace your low maintenance foam roof and complete your roofing project to the best possible quality. If you are interested in these great foam roof system features and would like to reap these benefits for your own home, get in touch with us today!

Foam Roof Proven Durability Eliminates Additional Structural Support

Foam roofing weighs only about one-eighth of traditional roofing materials. Its light weight makes handling easy and offers cost savings. There’s no more need for more construction work to add structural supports. Stapleton Roofing, your local roofing contractor, can install it onto your existing roof. It installs and sets on anything, even on existing tar-and-gravel roofs. The foam roof proven durability is so strong, you can walk on top of the roof safely. Some people who have a foam flat roof also use their roof for additional living space, storage space, and other purposes.

People sometimes fear the structural support of foam roofing, assuming it may be flimsy and weak, prone to breaking under pressure and unable to withstand strong weather or moisture. This is a misconception, as foam roofing proven durability is not only lightweight but also completely water-resistant. It is tough enough to protect your home from all kinds of stress, and it can bear more weight than most people expect.

Low Maintenance Foam Roof

Foam roofing needs minimal upkeep. You can expect it to save you money on maintenance down the line. Although it doesn’t need a lot of care, it is still durable enough to resist damage from the elements for many years. In fact, it even has a rigid and durable surface on which you can walk. Because of its ease of maintenance, foam roofing is generally cheap to maintain. These roofs also tend to last a long time as homeowners can easily keep them in good condition.

Stapleton Roofing does roof maintenance for foam and flat roofing, as well as all other kinds of roofing. Our roofing experts are here to provide you with great service and foam roof maintenance if you have decided to have a low maintenance foam roof installed or need repairs. Thanks to foam roof easy installation, we can build a great foam roof for your home in very little time!

Eco Friendly Foam Roofing

Foam roofing, with the proper coating, is very effective at reflecting heat from the sun. It helps to reduce heat trapped in urban areas, also known as the urban heat island effect. This means lower energy bills. A “green” roof system should not only save energy, but also last long. With proper maintenance of the upper coating layer, this roof will last the life of the building.

Replacing eco friendly foam roofing also creates relatively little waste in comparison to other forms of roofing. If you are considering the environmental impact of your roof, Stapleton Roofing can recommend eco friendly foam roofing to meet your needs! You can reduce your waste and energy use, especially as an Arizona resident, to save you money and lighten your environmental conscience.

Seeing these great foam roof system features – foam roofing easy installation, foam roof proven durability, and the energy-efficiency and low maintenance benefits of foam roofing may have persuaded you to try foam roofing for your home today. Entrust foam roof installation to a professional, and let us help you pick out your new roof today. Stapleton Roofing is your trusted roofers for installing foam roofing. You can count on us to give the most value for your money. We serve homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. To learn more about foam roofing and what we can do for you, call us today at (602) 833-ROOF (7663).