Steep-sloped roofs offer plenty of benefits, including effective steep roof water runoff. Carefully consider your best steep-sloped roof material. Steep sloped roof materials have different properties, primarily their weight, lifespan, and appearance.

Steep slope roofs of asphalt shingles don’t usually last as long as tiles, but is generally lightweight, basic in appearance, and less expensive. Steep slope roofing systems of concrete tile is heavier, and more costly, but lasts about twice as long as shingles, and steep slope roofing clay tile is similar to concrete, only coming in a greater variety of colors and shapes.

Choosing your Roofing

If you are considering a new material for your steep sloped roof, but you are unsure which type of roofing material you need, Stapleton can help! Our roofing experts compiled a list of advantages to tiles and shingle roofing for steep roofs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with further questions if you are looking for a roofing recommendation based on your roofing needs.

Steep Sloped Roof Materials

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When it comes to choosing roofing materials for steep-sloped roofs, steep slope roofing asphalt shingles, steep slope concrete tile roofing, or steep slope clay tile roofing work best. An advantage of clay and concrete types of roofs over other roofing like wood shakes or metal roofing is steep roof water runoff and low costs. Steep sloped roof materials have other advantages unique to either steep slope roof asphalt shingles, steep slope roof concrete tiles, or steep slope roofs of clay tile.

Steep Slope Roofing Systems

Even if you are getting a necessary roof replacement because your previous roof was worn out, you do not have to use one of the same types materials for replacement that you had used for your steep slope roof previously.

A Concise Comparison

There are several roofing options open to you, and a roof replacement is the perfect time to explore your options, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each, and make a decision about the type of roofing you really want to see on your home. Don’t allow yourself to be limited!

Steep Slope Roofing Asphalt Shingles

Containing an average life of 20 to 25 years, asphalt is one of the most used roofing materials. They can emulate the appearance of other traditional materials, including wood shakes and slate, without their costly price tag. Despite their affordability, quality materials like GAF can provide homeowners a long-lasting asphalt roof. Asphalt has a classic look, steep roof water runoff properties, and better affordability than wood shakes or metal material.

The Cons

Some homeowners prefer not to use asphalt due to its shorter lifespan. While the quality roofing brands we use do offer some of the strongest, longest-lasting shingle roofing available, it is true that shingles will not last nearly as long as tiles will.

The Pros

The advantage that shingles are cheaper to replace offsets this disadvantage, however, and can make shingle roofing ideal. If you are considering shingle roofing, you may want to take into account their shorter lifespan. But also keep in mind the fact that they are a relatively inexpensive roofing type, and our shingle roofing is very reliable.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

A great alternative to shingles is tile for roofing. They can be a great long-term investment and require less frequent replacement, but they can cost more.

The Cons

The long lifespan of tile can offset the initial upfront expense. Tile tends to cost significantly more than other types of roofing, which can make it a less affordable investment for some homes or for a larger building.

The Pros

When properly installed, tiles may last more than 50 years. In addition to their steep roof water runoff functionality, they are also fire and rot resistant, comparable to metal or slate but with a low cost. Most clay and concrete tiles feature natural earth tones, an unglazed finish and a classic look, but their designs used go beyond the Mediterranean or Southwestern roof.

Ready to Choose a Roof

After seeing steep sloped materials used and their advantages, you may be interested in steep roof pitch, low slopes, or material whether it be slate, wood shakes, metal, or any other types you need. Talk to Stapleton Roofing, a roofing team of experts in the Phoenix and Peoria area.

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