While many people are aware of the dangers of hiring one, many homeowners still fall victim to storm chasers and discover that they’ve been duped a little too late. As one of the legitimate local roofers that serve homeowners in Phoenix and nearby areas, we can tell you more about storm chasers and how you can protect yourself from getting scammed.

Storm Chasers: Avoiding a Roofing Scam

What Are Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers are roofers that travel around the country, following the path of storms and looking for unsuspecting homeowners to exploit. Right after a storm hits the area, they go around, knock on doors, pass out leaflets and offer free roof inspections.

Homeowners with homes that have sustained significant damage are the most vulnerable. Under all the stress and with the storm chasers’ goading, some homeowners accept the first offer of roofing assistance available.

The problem with storm chasers is that, while they sound like they offer reasonable roof repair costs, their roofing work is substandard and unlikely to last. By the time the victim realizes this, the storm chaser would have moved on to their next target area. As they do not have a real license or insurance, there are no guarantees or warranties covering the quality of their work.

Legitimate roofing companies like us have a physical location and are recognized by the Better Business Bureau®. Storm chasers don’t have any of these, so there would be no chances of filing a complaint for their substandard work. The worst part is that their “repairs” would leave your home more vulnerable. Their work may also void your roofing warranty and affect your insurance.

The Solution: Work With Professionals

Working with local professional roofers provides every advantage when it comes to helping you recover from storm damage. We use the best materials and have a skilled team that can recognize apparent and potential roofing problems, and apply the appropriate fixes. We always offer long-term solutions, never temporary fixes.

We also have the proper licenses and insurance as well as warranties for both the materials and workmanship. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that, when the next storm comes around, you know your roof will protect your home.

Finally, we can also provide complete and accurate documentation of the roofing damage to your insurance adjuster, which helps you get the payout you deserve.

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