Did you know that all roofers should have roofing general liability insurance and roofing contractors workman’s compensation included as part of their roofing contractors insurance coverage? When you’re looking to hire a roofer, we recommend you seek one out with the best roofing insurance companies backing their insurance coverage and the cost of roofers insurance and what it covers shown clearly so that you will know how your roofer is insured.

Roofing Contractors Insurance Coverage in Phoenix AZ: What to Look For

Insurance Coverage Matters

Research is a big part of choosing the right roofer for your project. As a Phoenix AZ homeowner, you must be diligent in your selection because making the wrong move could mean the difference between a positive experience and a negative one. First off, you should research the background of the roofer you choose to ensure a reliable fit and affordable cost, asking about credentials, business license, references and experience, advises the BBB. Most importantly, you should ask if your roofer carries general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Both are vital to the hiring process of any contractor you consider.

The cost of roofers insurance will likely factor into the cost of the roofing contractor overall, but you will want a contractor insured by one of the best roofing insurance companies, even if it is a bit more expensive, to ensure your roofing project will be safe, completed, and not cost you in the event of an accident. You have to research your contractor to make sure they have roofing general liability insurance and roofing contractors workman’s compensation at the very least. These two components of roofing contractors insurance coverage will keep you and your roofing project financially safe.

What is Roofing General Liability Insurance?

Roofing general liability insurance covers small businesses and contractor in the event of a claim that includes property damage, bodily injury or harm, and personal injury brought about through direct cause of the business. If the roofer has an accident or a lawsuit arises from something that happened on the job, the insurance kicks in to cover this so the contractor — and incidentally the homeowner — don’t have to pay up. Roofing general liability insurance is important for you as a homeowner because you don’t want to be responsible for something happening on your property that is not your fault. The best roofing insurance companies will offer this kind of insurance, and it should generally result in a reasonable cost of roofers insurance.

What is Roofing Contractors Workman’s Compensation?

Roofing contractors workman’s compensation is a type of insurance that provides monetary compensation and medical benefits to anyone injured on the job. If your roofer or any of his workers were to get injured, they would file roofing contractors workman’s compensation for wage replacement rather than go after the roofer or the homeowner. The cost of roofers insurance and hiring your roofing contractor overall should generally include this, and it is worth the price. The best roofing insurance companies know how important this kind of insurance is to workers in the roofing industry, as roofing can be a dangerous job and injury is common.

As you can see, both types of insurance are critical whenever you hire someone to come on to your property and provide a service such as replace or fix a roof. When finding a roofer with adequate roofing contractors insurance coverage, don’t accept a roofer that doesn’t have roofers general liability insurance and roofing contractors workman’s compensation. Great roofers will hire the best roofing insurance companies to cover their teams and projects, and they will be transparent about both the effects of any cost of roofers insurance on the price you pay overall for the project, as well as exactly what’s covered by the insurance they have.

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