When it’s time to replace your old roof or add a new one to your shed, one of the considerations you need to think about is the pitch of the structure. Just like the materials used in its construction, the slope of your new roof plays a key role in how it performs relative to the local climate.

Roof Design: Flat or Pitched Roofs?

Stapleton Roofing, your local roofing contractor, discusses flat and pitched roofs and how to decide which design suits your home best.

Roof Maintenance

In terms of regular maintenance, both flat and pitched roofs require roughly the same attention. Pitched roofs are slightly more difficult to clean, but the fact that they are sloped means they naturally shed debris and water.

Flat roofs, despite the ease of maintenance, require more attention throughout their service life. This is due to their lack of pitch, the danger of water pooling on the surface and the higher risk of leaks. While they often come with a waterproof seal, this needs continuous maintenance as well. This higher level of maintenance is one of the reasons why many roofers and homeowners don’t recommend flat roofs if your area experiences a lot of rain throughout the year.

Architectural Style

Finally, it’s important to consider the architectural style of your new or existing home when you’re choosing the design of the roof. Pitched roofs are the preferred choice for traditional and most contemporary homes as these have a “classic” look to them that matches the architecture.

Conversely, flat roofs are the only choice for ultra-modern homes. This is due to the restrictions of the architectural style, which is often minimalist. Flat roofs, on their own, have a basic appearance, which matches the look of these homes better.

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