Have you ever wondered how to change the look of your home from a traditional ranch style to a bungalow style? You can achieve that by changing the pitch of your roof. You may be wondering, why replace the pitch of my roof? Are there advantages of different pitches on a roof, and how do I know what works for my home? Will replacing a roof structure solve or prevent problems I might run into with my existing roof? Is changing the roof pitch worthwhile for me?

Our roofing experts have worked on many roof pitch replacement projects, involving both increasing the pitch of some roofs and decreasing others. Changing a roof pitch is a big job, and it can be a tough decision. A higher or low change in slope can mean a change in cost of material per square foot on your building. The possibilities are endless, and the increase in value a new roofing style could mean for your home makes adding it a fantastic investment.

Why Replace the Pitch of Your Roof?


We can help demystify what goes into replacing a roof structure and give you some ideas for why changing the roof pitch of your own home is a choice you should make. Changing your roofing pitch takes more than simply replacing the roof shingles. In other words, it’s not an easy undertaking and requires the help of a certified roofing company like Stapleton Roofing.

Don’t attempt to replace an old roof structure or shingles on your own, especially with a multi-story house, and take the adequate time to find a reliable contractor before you begin changing, decreasing, or increasing the pitch of your roof. Read on as we take a look at why homeowners may want to change their roof pitch.

You can Prevent Potential Damage to your Roof

If you live somewhere with a lot of rain, there is a practical reason to why replace the pitch of a relatively flat roof with a steeper one. In addition to a new look, changing the your roof pitch often forces water to flow off of the property rather than accumulating in a spot and causing damage to the structure. This is one of the advantages of raising pitches on a roof, particularly adding higher pitches.

The Pitch of a Roof can Prevent Water Damage

For instance, transitioning from flat to sloped roofs is effective way to avoid water buildup, which can cause severe structural damage if left untreated. Redirecting water flow by increasing the pitch of the new roof may save you a lot of money and time put into your home for repairs down the road if water damage isn’t prevented.

Trust us to Change your Roof

At Stapleton Roofing, we want our clients to be fully informed about a service before we actually do it. We can give you an honest and straightforward assessment of how much changing the roof pitch can benefit you for how much the project will cost to complete. We would love to meet you and have a look at your roofing pitch project to see how we may help, and you can trust our capable, experienced team to handle your new roof well.

Your Existing Roof has Hidden Problems

Sometimes your old roof needs a replacement beyond the shingles on the surface. The underlayment, roof deck, or even supporting structures like rafters and trusses could be worn out or weakened by termites or rot, and removing the roof would reveal issues like this if you were unaware of them before. The space inside your roof could be hard to get to or use, but when you change the pitch of your roof, you have a chance to check up on your existing roof and see how its doing.

Repair Existing Defects by Replacing a Roof Structure

Replacement of your roof’s underlying structure will take place if your roof is severely rotted or sagging. This clearly indicates that there may be damage not only on the roof’s decking, but also to its foundational elements. It’s very rare to see these serious problems on a home that’s been properly maintained. However, for others, this might be adding an opportunity to have a steep pitch roof installed to avoid sagging because of severe water build-up.

Structural of Framing Problems

If you notice minor problems in the existing home structure, consider roof replacement and changing the roof pitch at this time, and avoid unforeseen problems that a defective roof structure might create for your home. On the other hand, if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures, there is a practical reason to why replace the pitch of a sloped roof with a flat roof.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Removing and changing your old roof pitch can reduce energy use in your home if your current roof is inefficient. Flat roofs are a popular choice as they are considered one of the most energy-efficient roofing options that helps conserve heating and ac energy, especially in regions that experience severe heat during the summer like in Phoenix, Arizona. The advantages of different pitches for a roof that are flat rather than sloped can save you money in the long run too, it may just depend on the climate of the region where you live, the overall structure of your home, or other factors.

Your Home gets a New Look with a New Roof

When it comes to remodeling and changing the pitch of your roof, there is a lot of potential to change your home’s appearance. You could use other simple ways, such as changing the color of the walls or the door in addition to the roof, but even if you don’t change the walls or add anything else, changing the pitch of your roof and even switching up your roofing materials would make your home appear to be a new home entirely.

Aesthetics are Practical Reasons

Maybe your home is pretty well maintained, and the old roof doesn’t need to be repaired from damage.  You may be asking, why replace the pitch on my roof if it’s in perfect condition already? Replacing an old roof structure on your home is a good idea for reasons other than practicality. You may be wanting to give your house remodeling that’s unique.

While it is a fairly intensive project to take on in terms of roofing alone, it is comparably fast and cost-effective as a remodel for your home compared to other types of renovations, and its impact on your home’s visual presentation is massive in addition!

Exposing the Rafters Trusses and Framing

Maybe you are interested in changing the roof pitch of your home because of what it will mean for the interior space inside your house. If you have a lot of attic space you don’t need, you may be interested to change the pitch of your roof on your home to make use of that space and expose your rafters or trusses.

Visible rafters or trusses in the upper area of a room is a popular trend in home design that has been growing in use for years like a feature wall (trusses and rafters are the supporting beams and structural framing inside a typical pitched roof that are usually hidden inside an attic, but trusses and rafters can also be exposed and made to look beautiful as a feature of the room).

If you are looking to get a new, fresh interior look for your house, and you don’t want to change the walls as much, you could choose to draw attention up the wall to the ceiling of the room by exposing structural framing from rafters and trusses from wall to wall under the new roof.

Choosing a Roof Style

For homeowners who want to make a fresh renovation, changing the roof pitch is an effective home addition. If they want to add vaulted ceilings or simply want to raise the ceilings inside their home, they can talk to trusted roofers like Stapleton Roofing about changing the roof pitch. Our team cares deeply about creating safely, durably designed roof structures as well as visual appeal a roof pitch style can create, and we would be glad to discuss your options or provide recommendations for your own home, whether you have a single or multi-story.

Materials and Costs

Roofing material cost is another consideration to think about when getting a new roof. Material can vary in costs per square foot, and how steep your roof slope will be changes the amount of material you need. Finding a material with a low cost per square foot could be important with a steep roof that has more surface area, but a more expensive cost per square foot material could add beauty to your building and be practical in terms of costs if you lower the slope of your new roof.

A Roof that’s Just Your Type

The advantages of different pitches for a roof in terms of an aesthetic can depend on the style of home that you have, but you may be surprised at the freedom and creativity you can bring to the table when replacing a roof structure. Whether you are increasing the pitch of the roof, decreasing the pitch, or making other modifications, the appearance of the end product will be uniquely well-suited to your home with our help.

Stapleton Handles Roof Replacement

Converting your roof is a big task. You may even decide to use a variety of roof pitches for different rooms in your home, maximizing the advantages of different pitches depending on the primary needs of each room, be it saving energy or redirecting existing water flow, or for aesthetic purposes like exposing rafters, trusses, and framing.

Professionals Who Raise the Roof

Seeking assistance from a professional roofing contractor? Increasing the pitch of the roof or decreasing it may be just the home improvement change your building is needing. If you’re considering replacing a roof structure, why not get in contact with our helpful and trusted team today?

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