Roof replacement is an important, significant investment for every property owner. It’s natural then to have a roof replacement budget you can depend on. Many factors determine your budget. These include the materials you choose, the damage sustained, the size of your home, the pitch of your roof and the estimated duration of your project. However, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune just to have a successful project. Stapleton Roofing’s team of roofing experts can give you some helpful guidance for what to consider when preparing a roof replacement budget. When you build a budget for roofing, keep in mind allowances for unexpected roof obstacles, be committed to roofing and seeing the whole project through, and know your roofing material.

A Roof Replacement Budget


Stapleton Roofing helps you with some essential tips on preparing a roof replacement budget. When building a budget for roofing, it’s a good idea know your roofing material and what the specific costs of your roofing type will be based on what will be used. You should also be committed to roofing completion and having a plan to finish the job, including preparation for unexpected roof obstacles and overcoming them.

Know Your Roofing Material

The materials you choose ultimately affect your budget. Asphalt shingles are cheaper but need frequent maintenance. Your contractor may also need to use roofing felt and, if you have a flat roof, bitumen. You need to account for how many layers you will need. You should also consider the disposal of the old shingles, felt, plywood or other waste created by the work. If you need a disposal service, then this will increase your costs. Know you roofing material, how much you will need, what tools, equipment, services, or other resources will cost, and make sure to account for all of these factors when building a roof replacement budget. This can help you prepare for unexpected roof obstacles such as insufficient materials or an unaccounted for service.

Be Ready For Unexpected Roof Obstacles

From the outset, you assume that the project is going to go well. It is best, though, to be ready in case something doesn’t go according to plan. Quite often, roofers find issues with other areas of the home. Gutters or the plywood under the roof may need replacing. Before work begins, it’s good to discuss with your roofer any issues that may affect your budget. Delays or an unscheduled work may pop up for one reason or another. If you can afford an extra 20% in unplanned expenses to create a buffer for unexpected roof obstacles, you should be in good shape. You will want to be committed to roofing your home completely, and running into a setback you had not planned for can be one of the greatest frustrations during roof replacements.

Be Committed to Roofing

Research each prospective contractor to find the right blend of budget and professionalism. They should be experts in the type of roof you have, be able to work within the agreed budget and help you stay on track. Regular communication will help achieve this. You want to ensure your roofing project will fit your budget, and keep your replacement within the budget as much as possible. Research and communication will also ensure that the project runs smoothly so you can be committed to roofing your home well without you having to break the bank.

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