A monsoon is caused by warm air creating surface low pressure zones that in turn draw moist air from the oceans. Arizona winds usually come from the west, but shift to a southeasterly wind in the summer, bringing moisture, most often from the gulfs of Mexico and California. The wind shift and increase in moisture combine with the surface low pressure from the desert heat to produce storms in a cycle of “bursts” (heavy rainfall) and “breaks” (reduced rainfall). Before the rain, the wind shift can trigger dust storms known as  haboobs, which appear as loose swirling walls of dust several hundred feet high. Arizona monsoon roof weathering is a common problem for Arizona residents, and taking time to prepare your roofing system to withstand the strong winds and rain of the seasons and avoid damage from extreme storms is a must. Don’t put off getting a roof inspection for your home to assess your current degree of Arizona monsoon roof weathering before the next storms hit!

What Does a Monsoon Do to Your Roof?

arizona monsoon

Arizona monsoon roof weathering can be some of the worst and most sudden roof damage from extreme storms you will find in any climate. These strong winds and rain cause a lot of stress on your roof. Monsoon rains aren’t just normal rain. These storms are powerful. The winds during a monsoon can reach up to 70 mph. During this storm, you may experience hail, which can tear up shingles and tiles on your roof. That’s a lot of damage! Even the strong winds and rain alone are enough to rip off loose shingles and weaken the integrity of the seals around the fascia, soffits, and gables.

The dust storms can take down trees and cover your roof in dust, further weakening the structure of your roof. Sometimes, a lot of damage isn’t evident at first, but you may notice that your roof ages more quickly. You should keep this in mind and take the time to prepare your roofing system as well as assess any existing damage before the next storm hits by getting a roof inspection. Acting on more minor Arizona monsoon roof weathering effects early can save money and inconvenience resulting from a lot of damage if these smaller defects aren’t addressed.

Prepare Your Roofing System for Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in Arizona begins in June and ends in September, the peak of the storms is in July and August. This is when Arizona receives half of its annual rainfall. Your roof already takes a beating from the severe heat. Strong winds and rain add a host of other sources of Arizona monsoon roof weathering and damage from extreme storms to your home. When the rains come, it can create worse effects where there were small problems on your roof that weren’t addressed. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent these storms from happening, but you can prepare your roofing system for when they do come. A lot of damage from extreme storms like monsoons and haboobs can be avoided by examining and reinforcing your roof well in advance.

Getting a Roof Inspection Beforehand

One of the ways you can prevent a lot of damage from extreme storms to your roof during the monsoon season is getting a roof inspection in the spring. If there are minor problems that need to be repaired, you can get it done before major issues happen. Given that you prepare your roofing system accordingly with the results after getting a roof inspection, this crucial step will save your roof, and potentially even save your home when the harsh, strong winds and rain come.

Minor storm damage is one example, but many types of roofing issues occur that start small and insignificant. Yet they grow and develop further problems (sometimes gradually, sometimes more suddenly) until a roof is experiencing serious problems. If a homeowner has not taken time to fix these small flaws or paid attention to the condition of their roof, they can find themselves paying a lot of money for roof and home repairs, having to deal with roof problems at an inconvenient time, and many other possibilities. Don’t become one of these unfortunate homeowners! Keep your roof clean and inspected for repairs regularly, maintaining it as needed. You will discover problems like these early before they become costly if you remain diligent and put a comparatively small effort towards giving your home the roof care it needs.

You may also consider getting a roof replacement before then next monsoon season arrives. This is a good time to take care of a project of this scale. Having a roof replaced takes time, patience, understanding, and good communication between all parties involved. A great roofer will make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the progression of your roof replacement. They will see to it that your needs are met both for your roof and for you as a homeowner. Entrust your roof replacement to Stapleton Roofing, and start a strong, roofing partnership that you can depend on for all your roofing needs.

It is important for you if you are an Arizona resident to prepare your roofing system for Arizona monsoon roof weathering and damage from extreme storms that strong winds and rain could cause for your home. Arizona’s climate is harsh for homes and roofs any time of year, and getting a roof inspection is not only crucial during monsoon season, but can save you from any other problems you haven’t noticed that might become costly over time. If you have any minor issues with your roof or would like us to inspect it to make sure everything is OK, please call Stapleton Roofing at (602) 755-6250 or visit stapletonroofing.com.

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