John F. Kennedy said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” Don’t wait till the sun shines through your roof to get it fixed. After heavy storms come through the Phoenix area, inspect your roof for obvious damage to the shingles. Many times you will see lifted shingles or find loose shingles in your yard. When you do, it’s important to call your homeowners insurance agent, then a roofing expert. When dealing with roof maintenance, weather conditions and harsh climates on roofing will do more damage to a roof than most people realize. If you live in a place where you and your community are experiencing frequent storm or wind damage to roofs, it’s a good idea to talk to them and get roofing advice from neighbors who have lived in the area for a long time. Taking care of roof repair after storms is important, and local residents will have a good idea of which roofing contractors are trustworthy and equipped to repair their roofing systems well.

Harsh Climates on Roofing

Arizona Storm

There are various kinds of harsh climates on roofing, including anything from frequent rain and constant moisture to dry desert dust and wind storms. As a homeowner, you will want to know the dangers your local climate may pose to your roof, and how to manage your roof maintenance and repairs accordingly.

When scheduling repairs and roof maintenance, weather conditions can be tricky to work around and roof repair after storms might not always appear to be urgent. But even if it is not immediately visible, storm and wind damage to roofs can develop into bigger problems if left unaddressed. Get to know the people who live in your community, and get roofing advice from neighbors to have a sense of how often you should get your roof inspected for repairs and maintained.

Wind Damage to Roofs

However, there are other signs of roof damage. Damage to your gutters and siding is another indicator that you may have roof damage. You may see obvious dents to your metal window frames. Seventy -six (76) percent of all tornadoes are only an F0 or F1 on the tornado scale, but these winds are strong enough to push trailers off their foundation and uproot shallow trees. Imagine what it does to your roof. Wind damage to roofs can be visible, but it can also be hard to spot. You may not notice wind and storms loosening or wearing through your roof until it is too late, and roof failure can be much more costly to repair.

Don’t wait to get your roof inspected after storms and routinely schedule roof maintenance; weather conditions will be affecting your roof all the time whether you see it right away or not. This is especially true for Arizona residents, where storms and wind pushing destructive sand around are particularly rough to roofing systems.

Roof Repair After Storms

Many times, roof damage can be difficult to spot. It is difficult to see the top of a large home. Many people aren’t aware of the signs of roof damage, and it takes an expert to detect the problem. Your roof may appear to be fully covered, but when shingles are shredded or worn, the wood beneath the shingle becomes dark. This can appear as a shingle. Without a close examination, you would notice. You should have a plan in place to keep an eye on your roof’s condition, as well as knowing a good roofing contractor to turn to for more urgent roof repair after storms strike.

After a storm, you should call a licensed, insured, and bonded roofer to inspect your home. Make sure that the roofer has a good reputation in the community. Many companies will place flyers on your door to get your business, and sometimes they are just trying to make a quick buck. Always do your research and check out the company before signing a contract.

Roofing Advice From Neighbors

Your community can be a reliable resource for finding roofing and other home repair businesses in your area. Those who have lived in the area will know about managing their home in the local climate through all seasons, and can likely recommend companies that people trust to do their roofing repairs and maintenance. When managing roofing, weather conditions are a reality most of your neighbors have been facing for years, and you can likely get roofing advice from neighbors who are happy and willing to help you, especially if you are relatively new to the area.

Natural causes of roof deterioration are one example, but many types of roofing issues occur that can be violent or can start out small and insignificant. Yet they grow and develop further problems (sometimes gradually, sometimes more suddenly) until a roof is experiencing serious problems. If a homeowner has not taken time to fix these small flaws or paid attention to the condition of their roof, they can find themselves paying a lot of money for roof and home repairs, having to deal with roof problems at an inconvenient time, and many other possibilities. Don’t become one of these unfortunate homeowners! Keep your roof clean and inspected for repairs regularly, maintaining it as needed. You will discover problems like these early before they become costly if you remain diligent and put a comparatively small effort towards giving your home the roof care it needs.

Knowing how to manage some of the most harsh climates on roofing, having a professional to identify weather or wind damage to roofs, getting roof repair after storms, and roof maintenance, weather conditions experience, and roofing advice from neighbors to fill in the gaps will help you keep your roof strong and your home protected for years and years. If you’re an Arizona resident, Stapleton Roofing is here for you and has experience with local residents’ roofing for generations.

A good roofer will provide an estimate before beginning any work. Talk to your neighbors about their damage and who is doing the work on their home. Compare estimates. Stapleton Roofing has an outstanding reputation with the Arizona BBB. They have over 30yrs of roofing experience and will get the job done right the first time out. Please call us at (602) 755-6250 or visit for a free estimate.