Stork on Roof​A number of sources can lead to roof damage. Reasons why roofs fail can include errors like the possibility that the roof was repaired poorly or that there were large or small roof design mistakes in initial installation. Natural causes of roof damage include how trees damage a roof or the effects of harsh weather on roofing systems.

The Reasons Why Roofs Fail

Roofing experts at Stapleton Roofing have worked with clients throughout Arizona to install, maintain, and repair roofing systems. We have generations of experience with roofing and reasons why roofs fail, and we have compiled a list of these reasons, starting with the natural, unavoidable causes of roof damage. These include the impact harsh weather on roofing causes and the ways trees damage a roof. We have also seen lack of roofer experience or discipline result in some roof failure that resulted from error. If your roof was repaired poorly by a roofer or has small roof design mistakes (or bigger, more obvious ones), you may experience unexpected roof failure and damage as well.

Effects of Harsh Weather on Roofing

There could be many different causes for a damaged roof, from substandard installation to harsh weather conditions. Leaks in the roof, as well as moisture, often happen due to a failure of the underlay. Even if your roof is doing its job of keeping the rain away, strong winds can drive the raindrops in between the shingles if there are any gaps. Harsh weather on roofing systems will eventually wear out a roof, no matter how thick, durable, or weatherproof it is. A good way to extend the life of your roof, however, is to keep it maintained regularly.

Winds can also make tiles and slates slip, thus creating a pocket for the water to get in. Remember, even a small amount of water can cause further damage, such as rotting. The water that stays on your roof for over two days is called “ponding water”; this could be your worst enemy. Even small roof design mistakes in its installation can let the water rest on the roof for too long, which then leads to some major issues, including damages of the deck structure and roof surface.

How Trees Damage a Roof

Natural causes of roof damage and reasons why roofs fail can be as varied and unexpected as you can imagine. In Algarve Portugal, storks build massive nests on rooftops, jumping around on the roof as they build and filling spaces with dirt and tree branches. Furthermore, removal of these large aquatic birds is considered bad luck by the locals. But there are more common natural causes of roof damage that you may not have expected to experience.

At first look, a tree growing close to your house seems nothing serious, but over the years, it can cause serious problems if left unchecked. There are several ways trees damage a roof if they are growing too close to the roof. Not only that tree branches can fall on your roof causing all sorts of troubles, from jamming the gutter to breaking tiles, untrimmed tree limbs can grow into your roof. Removing a tree out of the roof can cost you even more than replacing the whole roof, so it’s better to tackle this problem on time. Roof shrinkage is an issue that can lead to various problems. The membrane covering the tiles and shingles is made of a material called EPDM, which is resistant to high temperature and tears, but not to shrinking. Over the time, the shrinkage can cause cracking of the roof. Once again, a proper maintenance is the best cure.

A Roof Was Repaired Poorly

It’s not rare that faulty workmanship of the ponding area allows accumulation of dirt and causes the growth of algae and vegetation. But, sometimes, weather conditions are not to be blamed for roof problems. It happens that everything is alright with the roof, per se, but you’re still getting a leakage through your ceiling. The moisture, in this case, is caused by condensation. This happens when the roof space is not properly ventilated. Same as most of the roof damages, this too almost exclusively happens because of poor workmanship and/or lack of maintenance.

Improper roof repairs are also what you need to watch out for, as inadequate materials and unskilled handwork can cause even greater trouble. If a roof was repaired poorly, you may not be on the lookout for roofing problems and be caught off guard when roof failure occurs. This can have disastrous, costly consequences, and are extremely frustrating for homeowners who trust their roofing contractor to fix their roof and keep it in good condition.

Small Roof Design Mistakes

During your roof’s initial installation, some small roof design mistakes might have been made which went unnoticed for a long period of time. Installing a roof properly takes expertise, time, hard work, and attention to detail. Over time, these small mistakes can be points of weakness for your roof which receive the worst of weathering effects and wear out the fastest.

In order to protect your roof against damage from roofing errors like this, it’s a good idea to have routine inspections. A professional, skilled roofer can catch problems developing on your roof that you may not notice right away, and you can have these repaired before they become big, costly issues. Talk to Stapleton Roofing, a local Arizona roofing team with the experience and dedication your roof needs. We can handle your roofing inspection and repairs, and you can rely on us to provide top quality service!

At Stapleton Roofing, we can help you determine what type of damage your roof currently has. We’ll give you an honest opinion on what course of action should be taken next, whether it’s minor damage or so severe that a new roof should be installed. Our company prides itself on service and we stand behind our work. Call us today (602) 755-6250 or visit us online.