Roofing manufacturer TAMKO® offers a solution that lets homeowners enjoy the benefits of their high-quality asphalt shingles on low-slope roofs: SA BASE and CAP. There are several sbs modified bitumen BASE and CAP sheet roofing benefits that could make sbs modified bitumen self adhering TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets and TAMKO residential roofing technology the low slope roofing material solution you want for your own home. With many years of roofing technology development behind them, this trusted roofing brand has an option for roofing that could simplify and improve your journey as a homeowner.

Using BASE and CAP Sheets

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A low slope roof is associated back with contemporary architecture or on commercial structures, such as built-up roofing (BUR) and single-ply membranes. However, there are certain types of low slope roofing where such materials are not suitable: home additions and porticos or roofing styles like Mansard and bonnet. TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets are a fantastic development in low slope roofing material solution in TAMKO residential roofing technology system and residential roofing. Let us share self adhering-back CAP sheet benefits and why you should get them over shingles for your home!

Even if you get roof replacement because your previous shingle roof was worn out, you don’t need to go back to the shingle roofing material for replacement you would use back then. It’s a perfect time to explore and discover the type of roofing you really want to see on your home.

Low Slope Base and Cap Sheets

Base and cap sheets are a form of sbs rubber or modified bitumen, using a self adhering sheet to create a roofing system for a low slope roof. A waterproof modified bitumen membrane layer called a base sheet is covered with a sheet that will bond with the sbs modified bitumen back membrane base ply sheet to improve long lasting protection and appearance.

How is Base and Caps Different from Single Ply?

An sbs base and caps system includes a layer of each, providing a lot of protection and covering for a roof, whereas a single ply roof has a single layer. It is usually made of slightly different material, such as thermoplastic or rubber while base and caps use modified bitumen on the back with polyester, fiberglass, and so on.

There are a few reasons you might choose base ply and caps mat back roofing membrane systems. Maybe you live in a climate that experiences higher levels of wind, rain, or hail. You’re considering one ply or base and cap, but want to see how the performance of each product compares.

Having a low-slope roof can be challenging, and you want a roof that provides maximum weather resistance and strength after it has been applied. Products like a base sheet or cap sheet can keep your roof better reinforced for resistance against tough climates. These roofing systems withstand weather changing back and forth.

How does Base and Caps Differ?

The installation for a self adhering base sheet and cap sheet system is typically more simple, requiring fewer steps and fewer components, as the pieces have a self adhered back and require only heat to apply during installation or an adhesive. They’re a popular low slope roofing option that saves time and effort.

Why not use Traditional BUR?

BUR or shingle is a great option for many roofs and has been relied on for great weather resistance, strength, flexibility, and variety in the way its applied and designed. However, there are some factors about BUR that can make it a less ideal option to choose. You may be looking for a roof that takes less time than shingle to install while still offering all the flexibility, strength, reinforcement, and weather resistance of a regular asphalt shingles roof without the intensive, time-consuming applications of shingles.

Whether you are having your roof installed with cold adhesive techniques, hot tools, or simple self adhering back sbs base sheet membranes, your roofing systems will be simpler and quicker to install than shingle.

What’s a Base Sheet?

The base sheet, usually designed with modified bitumen, which can be either sbs (styrene-butadiene-styrene, a strong, flexible rubber polymer) back, or app (atactic polypropylene, which is similar but requires higher heat to install) back and can be reinforced with polyester. Having a roofing membrane creates a perfectly bonded, water-proof surface. The self-adhered properties of the sheets makes them simple to apply and install. A modified bitumen membrane lower layer of base ply can then be covered with a layer of caps.

What’s a Cap Sheet?

This is usually created from layers of asphalt, fiberglass, polyester, or other materials. It can be used as a layer over base sheet back systems (the cap sheet will bond to the lower base sheet) and an attractive visual appearance.

Material Components

Let us know if you are curious about base sheet options, material, or anything else. We can walk you through the mineral materials, the synthetic materials, whether a roofing component contains fiberglass, polyester, rubber, sbs, a different roofing mineral substance, or any other roofing system components. The components that make up these base sheets and provide their self adhering properties and good insulation performance are the result of decades of roofing development for a low slope roofing system.

How does Installation Work?

Depending on the base sheet you get, the mat protection layers, and modified bitumen are laid evenly and the back of each bonded together using either heat (a torch is sometimes used, or other tools that rely on heat) or an adhesive (this may already be on the mat layers of asphalt protected by a liner that can be peeled back, or material that is coated on before applying the mat layers if the roofing is not self adhered) that can be done even under cold conditions.

No matter whether you use heat for application of the mat back layers, you will want to ensure a professional is taking care of application. The finished product should be a roofing system that has great flexibility, great resistance to weather, reinforcement from one or multiple ply roofing material.

Best Roofing to Choose for Installation

These are the types of roofing that are suited best for TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets. The base sheet is similar in composition to the rubber material on BUR systems and replaces the underlayment as the waterproofing element. It is installed using the factory-applied adhesive back layer, but can also be fastened using mechanical means, such as roofing nails. Self adhering CAP sheets feature a fiberglass back material similar to asphalt shingles and are installed using the same method as the base sheets.

cap sheet roofing and cap sheets

With strong waterproofing capabilities, consistent quality manufacturing, and ease of installation and maintenance, base and cap sheet benefits are practically endless. They are quickly becoming one of the top low slope roofing material solutions trusted by roofers and homeowners with flat roofs. TAMKO, being a quality manufacturer of great products used by the best roofers, is highly trusted and gives its base and cap sheet benefits great credibility and an excellent standard.

Cap and Base Sheet Roofing Benefits and Features

Roofers recommend base and sheets because they work exceptionally well with low slope roofing material such as shingles. When installed as part of a TAMKO residential roofing technology system, TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets create a consistent look in terms of aesthetics, without sacrificing performance. The outer granules of the mat is available in seven colors, including Rustic Black, Rustic Cedar and Glacier White, which matches the main roof area and adds a homogeneous look regardless of viewing angle.

Excellent Roofing Warranties

One of the advantages of owning a TAMKO residential roofing technology system is that it is protected by one of the best roofing warranties in the business. A Heritage® Series roof can have up to 50 years of material warranty coverage, in addition to our own workmanship guarantee.

You can rest assured that your roof is covered if something goes wrong, and with the consistent technology of sbs modified bitumen TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets, you can more easily preserve your warranty as you maintain and care for your roofs. You won’t be putting yourself in danger of having to pay for expensive installation all over again if anything happens to your roof.

Long Lasting Strength

Similar to other roofing, base sheet and cap sheet mat systems are great in terms of durability. When it comes to roofing life, base and cap sheet systems rank particularly well, and their durability and reinforced strength makes them a great option, more prone to damage from moisture collecting on the surface.

Roof Insulation

The properties of polyester reinforced, rubber, sbs, fiberglass, and any other mineral or synthetic material components of cap and base sheet roofing makes them great at keeping homes insulated. They can have granules (as do shingles) and are cold and heat resistant once sealed back, as well as weather and fire resistant. The layers provide well designed longevity, great insulation, and quality you need.

How to Find Great Roofing Materials?

How do you know your roofing base sheets are made well, with quality materials, and are being applied for a proper installation? Turn to a local roofing company to supply your materials. At Stapleton Roofing, we place a heavy emphasis on quality and complete information, expecting the best from every product for our customers and providing the best service on every roofing project for our customers that they can see. We can ensure the asphalt used in your roofing system is to a high standard, a product better for homeowners than shingles.

Hire Stapleton for your Low Slope Roofing

Stapleton Roofing has worked with TAMKO products for years, knowing customers everywhere love and trust our top-quality service, attention to details, and reliable information with great products. We have installed roofing for residents throughout many Arizona areas, and we would be happy to help with any low slope systems material need. Stapleton Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies with an address in the Phoenix area. Please see our information, give us a call at (602) 562-4991 or (602) 755-6250, or fill out our contact form to share with us.

Want to know what products are available for your system? Looking for excellent customer service and products? We can show you a great variety of products, and we have the professionals to handle application of all kinds of materials. Whether you are getting coating, a roofing membrane repaired, a flat roof back that needs applied by torch or by fire, a better insulation in your commercial systems, or a change in the way your commercial roofs are designed, we would love to work with you.

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