When inspecting your roof, you might start seeing granules in the gutters. These come from your shingles. Their appearance is a sign that your roof is weakened or damaged. Once they start accumulating, you’ll need to get a roof replacement as soon as possible. You should understand the purpose of roof granules, and why roof granules fall off a roof. If you find your roof system flaking off, or you noticed deterioration of roofing layers on your roof, you might be experiencing roof failure. Here are the reasons why your roof is flaky.

Purpose of Roof Granules

Loose roof granules

Installing shingles on your roof system means placing a protective cover from sunlight, rain and snow. The topmost layer of that system is made up of minerals added to safeguard your roof.

Think of the purpose of roof granules like a thick glove that covers your hand. The purpose of roof granules is similar to that of a glove, which can help you understand what’s going on if your roof is flaky. When this layer starts flaking off, the granules come loose.

This deterioration of roofing layers basically means the surface is becoming exposed. Any exposure to rain, wind or sunlight can damage the shingles faster. In short, your roofing system is slowly becoming more vulnerable. That’s why you need to get roofers to fix it immediately.

If your roof system is flaking off, this usually means it needs replacement in order for your roof to stay protected. Knowing how to spot a roof system flaking off can help you protect your home and avoid the risk of costly damage.

Why Roof Granules Fall Off

There are a few reasons that the granules of your roofing system may be flaking off. The most common reason is age, such as when your roof is approaching the last five years of its service span. The older it gets, the more granules fall off the shingles. Impact from hail can also knock the granules off. Heat from the sun can even lead to blisters on the asphalt. Lastly, a poorly installed shingle system can also cause this problem. If you want a more precise idea of why your roof is flaky, you might want to get a roof inspection. A professional roofer can usually identify the more precise reason for deterioration of roofing layers and be able to tell you the reason that your roof is flaky.

Another possible reason why roof granules fall off a roof is if the roof is newly installed. This is not a likely reason why your roof is flaky, however, and steady deterioration of roofing layers that is more serious than just seeing a few roof granules fall off  should alert you of a different problem. The only time granule loss is acceptable is when your local roofing companies install a new structure. Granule shedding is common after an installation, and you won’t need to worry about it after a week or so. If it does continue after a fresh installation, though, then your roof may not be properly installed, or the material isn’t up to specs. Call your roofer and tell them about the issue.

Fixing Deterioration of Roofing Layers

If you see your roof system flaking of completely, don’t put off getting a roof replacement. Neglecting a bald roof can lead to roof failure that can impact your home and damage your other valuable assets. Trust a professional to fix the problem, and don’t let deterioration of roofing layers continue for too long. Now that you know the purpose of roof granules and how to identify reasons that roof granules fall off a roof, you can make a better decision about your own roof maintenance and care. Talk to Stapleton Roofing! We are here to cover all your roofing needs, and we are trusted in roof repair by clients all throughout Arizona. We will be happy to inspect and repair your roof as needed when you notice your roof system flaking off.

Shedding roof granules are one example, but many types of roofing issues occur that start small and insignificant. Yet they grow and develop further problems (sometimes gradually, sometimes more suddenly) until a roof is experiencing serious problems. If a homeowner has not taken time to fix these small flaws or paid attention to the condition of their roof, they can find themselves paying a lot of money for roof and home repairs, having to deal with roof problems at an inconvenient time, and many other possibilities. Don’t become one of these unfortunate homeowners! Keep your roof clean and inspected for repairs regularly, maintaining it as needed. You will discover problems like these early before they become costly if you remain diligent and put a comparatively small effort towards giving your home the roof care it needs.

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