When inspecting your roof, you might start seeing granules in the gutters. These come from your shingles. Their appearance is a sign that your roof is weakened or damaged. Once they start accumulating, you’ll need to get a roof replacement as soon as possible. Here are the reasons why.

Loose roof granules

The Purpose of Roof Granules

Installing shingles on your roof system means placing a protective cover from sunlight, rain and snow. The topmost layer of that system is made up of minerals added to safeguard your roof. Think of it like a thick glove that covers your hand.

When this layer starts flaking off, the granules come loose. This basically means the surface is becoming exposed. Any exposure to rain, wind or sunlight can damage the shingles faster. In short, your roofing system is slowly becoming more vulnerable. That’s why you need to get roofers to fix it immediately.

Why They Fall Off

There are a few reasons that the granules of your roofing system may be flaking off. The most common reason is age, such as when your roof is approaching the last five years of its service span. The older it gets, the more granules fall off the shingles. Impact from hail can also knock the granules off. Heat from the sun can even lead to blisters on the asphalt. Lastly, a poorly installed shingle system can also cause this problem.

The only time granule loss is acceptable is when your local roofing companies install a new structure. Granule shedding is common after an installation, and you won’t need to worry about it after a week or so. If it does continue after a fresh installation, though, then your roof may not be properly installed, or the material isn’t up to specs. Call your roofer and tell them about the issue.

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