Roof maintenance seems like an unnecessary, lowly task, but it is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to protect their home and maintain their property value. The average cost for a new asphalt roof is just under 20,000, but routine roof maintenance keeps that money in your pocket. Here are some ways that a trustworthy roofing contractor can save you in the long run. The importance of roof maintenance matters not only while you are a resident of your home, but also when you are selling your home. Roof maintenance will protect roof water flow from damaging your home, can help serve as a remedy for roof decay and finding hidden roof damages. But maintained roof property values compared to the values of homes that lack regular maintenance are one of the advantages that make maintenance worthwhile even after you have decided to sell your home.

Understanding the Importance of Roof Maintenance and Why it Pays

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Stapleton Roofing is a team of roofing experts dedicated to roofing excellence. We keep our clients informed about the importance of roof maintenance and roofing services that increase the value of their homes. When you maintain your roof, you protect roof water flow from damaging your home, you provide remedy for roof decay that could happen over time, and you have help finding hidden roof damages you might not have recognized otherwise.

If you are hoping to sell your home, with your maintained roof, property values increase for your home making it more profitable for you. We would love to connect with you today and find out how we can help you with routine maintenance, roof inspection, roof repair, and other services to keep your roof in good condition for your life and your property values high.

Protect Roof Water Flow

An accumulation of dirt and moss in your roof is inevitable. When this debris collects over an extended period of time, it acts as a dam, inhibiting proper flow of water. The structure of your roof allows natural channels to protect roof water flow. When these are blocked, water collects in various crevices, causing leaks that could have easily been prevented with proper roof maintenance. Even small leaks can cause moldy insulation and rotting rafters.

This decay over time can cause your roof to fail in these weakened spots before it would normally be due for replacement, and repairing these spots and the other damage they may cause can be a lot more expensive than simply keeping the roof maintained.

A Remedy For Roof Decay

This same moss and debris can actually harm your roof’s ability to protect itself from natural elements. The chemical makeup of many roofs keeps it protected from water, wind, and UV rays. On the other hand, moss has a unique ability to harm these protective properties at a molecular level, compromising the roof’s lifespan.

Moisture is drawn to the debris that collects under roof tiles. Not only can this debris clog water flow as mentioned above, but it houses moisture that can hack away at the wood and protective barrier underneath. Something as small as a build-up of muck can end up compromising the structural integrity of your home. Having maintenance as remedy for roof decay keeps your roof strong and lasting without points of failure throughout its entire service life. This can save you from having to get a roof replacement too soon and can keep your roof strong and lasting throughout its full service life.

Finding Hidden Roof Damages

An experienced roofing contractor can locate other types of damage that would have later called for complete roof replacement. If damage from corrosion and mold is found before it causes an exponential amount of damage to your home’s protective barrier, you will avoid an enormous financial loss in the future. Regular roof maintenance catches problems by finding hidden roof damages so you can fix them before they call for an expensive repair procedure.

Maintained Roof Property Values

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. Keeping your roof clean and in good condition goes a long way towards protecting your home’s value as well as protecting your assets within the home. A home with maintained roof property values will be significantly higher than those of a comparable home with a neglected roof. This is partially because roof repairs become significantly more expensive if left unattended for a long period of time. Contact Stapleton Roofing at (602) 755-6250 with all your roofing needs and roof maintenance!

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