Storm Damage in Phoenix, AZ

Roof Damage

Phoenix residents know that the sun isn’t their roof’s only threat. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, heavy winds, microbursts, and other severe weather conditions constantly pummel their home’s protector. Through many tests, a roof will stand strong, but sometimes it needs a little boost or some repair. When it comes to Storm Damage and your roof, there are three categories of action: Prevention, Inspection, and Repair.


When ugly weather is brewing on the horizon, a few quick preparations can help protect your roof. First, make sure that all loose items in your yard have been brought in or secured. This includes things like lawn ornaments, patio furniture, or some loose-hanging decorations.

Second, make sure there are no branches within six feet of your roof. In high winds, tree limbs can act like whips or even snap off and impact your roof. Third, clean out your gutters and drainage systems. Ensuring no blockages are present will help keep water flowing as it should and protect your home.


Inspecting your roof is important both before and after bad weather. Before-hand, it’s a good idea to check for cracked or worn boots around pipes; excessive amounts of shingle granules in your gutters; missing, warped, or broken shingles; popped up nails that can quickly be hammered down; rust spots on flashing; and shingles that are curling or buckling.

Each of these can lead to larger problems with your roof, including potential water leakage during the next storm. Once you have things cleaned up, snap some pictures of your property to keep on file. If anything does happen during the next big storm, you have documentation of the “before” to supply your insurance adjuster.

Post-storm, inspection can help recognize any damage straight away to prevent the problem from growing and leading to more extensive (and expensive) repairs. If you think something looks off, or you’re afraid you have some damage, don’t be afraid to contact a Phoenix, AZ roof inspector. They can safely traverse your roof without causing further damage and document any information you need to send your insurance company.


In the event that your roof is damaged in severe weather, you need to get repairs done as quickly as possible. The longer your roof is damaged, the more risk to your home. Contact your insurance company to discuss your coverage, and they’ll send someone to assess the damage. Once you submit your claim, it’s time to start looking for a roofer. Speak with your insurance company to see if they have a preferred servicer in or around Phoenix first. You can also ask the roof inspector for any referrals. If you still need a roofer, it’s time to do some research. Don’t stick with one company off the bat; it’s always a good idea to get multiple estimates and opinions from licensed and insured roofers. Investigate your options thoroughly—check out their websites and reviews, and ask if they have any referrals.

Check in with the BBB and see if and what complaints may have been registered against them. Remember: don’t be afraid to walk away from a roofer if they give you a bad vibe. It’s OK to trust your gut instinct and move on to the next option.

Be Prepared

Hopefully, you’ll never need this guide. But in the event that Phoenix’s weather gives your roof a beating, it’s always good to be prepared. Hopefully this information will get your home back in tip-top shape quickly.

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Storm Damage in Phoenix, AZ