How to Fix a Roof Leak?

Metal Commercial Roofer

The roof is one of the critical parts of the home. It acts as a defense against several weather hazards and nurtures a sense of security. However, as roofs are exposed to severe climatic conditions, it is the most prone to damage and untimely deterioration. This is the primary reason why several people in the United States using slate roofing in Arizona, as it lasts longer and can withstand hail, rain, strong winds, etc. efficiently.

Now if you have a conventional roof, you must be aware of the problems associated with roof leaks. If you notice dampness and brown spots on your ceiling, and these can be the initial signs of a potential roof leak problem.

In most of the cases, the origin of a leak is typically hard to find. Generally, water seeps in through broken on missing shingles. Once the water has found a way to seep in, it can progress to the sheathing, roof rafters, and topside of the ceiling. If left unattended, it can hurt the interiors of the home and impact its structural integrity. Hence, it becomes important to address the problem immediately.

If you are keen to check your roof leak concerns, here are some of the easy tips which you can consider to fix your roof –

  1. Asphalt Shingles

The first step is to check for roof damage above watermarks on the ceiling. Generally, following the watermark path can lead you to the point of origin. Inspect the area it leads to as well as look for the corresponding exterior for any damage.

Secondly, inspect your roof for wear and tear. You might notice for curled, cracked or missing shingles at the leak site. In such case, you can call a dependable roofing company in Arizona to repair those shingles immediately and fix the gaps between the shingles to protect your home from roof leaks.

  1. Damaged Roll Roofing

Usually, damaged roll on the roof is hard to find. The damage is quite minute to notice and thus the real problem sets in.

To detect the issue, follow the water stains. Look for cracks around chimneys and vents or any open slit on the roof. Upon notice, break the damaged blister with the help of a sharp knife to release water moisture. Dry it thoroughly by mopping up excess water and let it dry for 24 hours. After the blister has dried out, cover your roof with cement.

If you think all this DIY is too much, consider hiring roofing specialists to get the job done professionally.

  1. Damaged Wood Shakes

Again carry out a thorough roof inspection.

With the help of a chisel split the damaged chisel, remove and discard broken pieces. Secondly, use a hacksaw to cut off the nails, or you can also use saws, hammers, or other tools to remove nails. Purchase a shake from the nearest store and cut it into the shape of your old shake to fit into the gap. Then secure the shake with the help of hammer and nails.

  1. Leaky Joints

Roof leaks are generally observed where surfaces join including chimneys and vents.

To check the issue, look for gaps in caulk or sealant. Usually, leaky joints are hard to mend because of small size. What you can do here is to remove the old sealant, get rid of debris attached to it, and dry the area evenly. With the help of a putty knife, apply roof cement so small cracks in and around chimney or vent. Let it dry and then move to the final step. Get hold of flashing from the nearest store. Apply some cement to its surface and press it to the joint. Flashing will help in retaining the structural integrity of the joint.

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