Trying to figure out what type of material you should use for your next roof replacement? Let the below considerations be your guide.

How to Determine Which Material to Use for Your Roof Replacement

1. Roof Pitch

Experienced roofing companies, including Stapleton Roofing, would advise you to determine first whether your roof is sloped or flat. Its pitch alone will narrow down your options. Gravity helps sloped roofs to drain water more easily while it increases the susceptibility of flat ones to leak due to hydrostatic pressure.

2. Home Style

Most traditional homes use either shakes or shingles. If you want to put a premium on architectural authenticity, choose a roofing product that accentuates your Old World home’s distinctive character.

3. Price Range

The most affordable products on the market are asphalt shingles, which explains their popularity. Look at other roofing materials, and compare and contrast their costs versus other benefits, including longevity.

4. Local Climate

All roofing systems are designed to resist weather damage for many years. Although some are more durable than others, you can get by on a budget-friendly material in Arizona’s arid climate.

5. Long-Term Maintenance

A roof replacement project is just a one-time expense, but roof ownership is a lasting obligation. Upkeep is the usually overlooked cost driver. Consider materials that don’t require expensive maintenance.

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