Dust storms are more than just an annoyance; they’re detrimental to your roofing system. They can blow loose shingles or tiles off and clog gutters. If you’re unlucky, flying pieces of debris like tree branches can seriously damage your roof.

How Proper Roof Maintenance Minimizes Dust Storm Damage

While these acts of God are unavoidable, their impact can be minimized with proper roof maintenance. As a reliable roofing company, here’s how Stapleton Roofing can help:

Spotting Every Sign of Damage

After a menacing dust storm, we can thoroughly assess your roofing system to look for red flags. Some causes for concern aren’t apparent, which is why it’s wise to pull the trigger on the inspection whether you notice something wrong or not. Otherwise, they might be left unchecked and worsen over time.

The advantage of discovering dust storm damage early is to have time on your side. It’s imperative to treat all roofing issues as an emergency, but you can avoid making rash decisions for as long as there’s no active leakage yet. In turn, you can protect yourself better against storm chasers.

Repairing Issues Early

Minor issues are always less costly to fix. Procrastinating the job lets you escape expenses, but ignoring them for a long time can increase repair costs significantly.

Observing proper maintenance is the opposite of neglect. In fact, getting regular maintenance will improve your chances of getting your insurance claim approved.

Scheduling Routine Inspections

Any roofing contractor would say that preventive maintenance is better than reactive. A maintenance plan is necessary to keep your roof clean, intact and leak-free all year round. This way, it has a better chance of withstanding the effects of future dust storms.

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