Home renovations can be costly, but there are home improvements that are eligible for deductions from your tax at the end of the year. Some home upgrades give you the benefit of having your taxes deducted for a certain amount. Tax deductible home improvements can include energy efficiency upgrade tax deductions, home medical condition deductions, and home resale value tax deducting. According to these criteria, there could be cases when tax deductible roofing service is possible. In this article, Stapleton Roofing, a trusted roofing company, discusses what criteria should your home improvements meet in order to be tax deductible. Owning a home gives you a good opportunity to save yourself from paying extra taxes. Look into your home improvement details and find out if you could qualify for deduction, you may be surprised how much less you really have to pay this year!

Tax Deductible Home Improvements

How Home Improvement Projects Can Qualify for a Tax Deduction

Whether you could use necessary modifications to your home for medical reasons this year, looking to improve the resale value of your home, or investing in energy efficiency improvements to cut down your energy costs, you may qualify for a deduction from your tax.

Home improvement tax deductions for home repairs and improvements

The specifications for tax deductible home improvements can be specific, and though you may be unsure whether your modifications are tax deductible, roofing service experts at Stapleton Roofing can help provide some clarity on how to determine if your property or project qualifies. Tax tips are some of the most useful life tips out there, and we have some considerations for you when planning improvements or home repairs for your home.

What Improvements are Tax Deductible?

Not only can home improvement qualify for deducting from your taxes, the cost of your house if you intend to sell your home and the cost of home repairs for certain parts of your home or property could qualify as well. Before the end of the year, make sure to factor in all of these possibilities. When you file your tax return, you will want to file it with these factors included and receive the best, most accurate tax refund possible for your property and your improvements to it.

1. Energy Efficiency Upgrade Tax Deductions

Home renovations related to improving your home’s energy efficiency often allow you to take advantage of deduction or credits. Eligible upgrades include new doors, windows, roofing, insulation and more. There are some energy-efficient upgrades that do not count to deduct like solar water heaters for heating a pool. Just check with your local general, HVAC or roofing contractor to determine if your home improvements qualify for an energy tax credit. Furthermore, tax deducting and acceptable upgrade amounts change every year.

Examples of Energy Efficiency

To give a few examples of energy efficient upgrades, getting geothermal heat pumps for your home, installing small wind turbines for energy, or using fuel cell technology like solar panels and other forms and new uses of renewable energy can qualify to deduct from your tax. Solar panels are one of the most common home improvements made, and they are a great opportunity to take advantage of deducting from your tax.

Make a Decision

It’s better to consult a tax advisor or a resource like TurboTax before proceeding with your home remodeling plans to determine all your available options. If you are looking for a tax deductible roofing service, Stapleton Roofing is here to help. We can look at your ideas and help you determine if you would qualify for home efficiency upgrade tax deductions on your project, such as if you were installing a different roof to put solar panels on your home.

Repairs on energy efficient parts of your home could potentially be deducted as well. Pay attention to your property and the condition of these installations to see if any repairs are needed, and whether these repairs will qualify to deduct from your tax.

2. Home Medical Condition Deductions

Medical conditions can eat up a huge amount of your financial resources, especially if the doctor recommends doing modifications at your home to accommodate your condition or recuperation. Thankfully, you can apply for a deduction from your tax when home improvements are needed for medical reasons. Some examples of tax deductible home improvements for medical care are installing support bars in a bathroom and building entrance and exit ramps as well as adding lifts to get from one floor to another. Home medical condition deductions are a great way to make your home safer and better suited for your medical needs without incurring the full burden of the costs required.

Medical Condition Modification Examples

To give some examples, you may be self employed and disabled, and you need a home office with accessibility installments. Even if a home office itself would not qualify for a deduction from your tax, part of your home such as improvements to help with accessibility and medically-related issues, and even some things you might think of as medical expenses, can allow you to deduct the cost from your tax. Medical expenses related to home improvements are often tax deductible, but research to see whether you can get tax credits or deduct from your tax in your case.

Choosing from Improvement Options

Whatever your medical condition or disability, it is a good idea to do your research. You may not be sure if a certain improvement will qualify, but you can find out by looking into it and determine what options for the improvement will be best to qualify for a tax credit, or to be deducted.

Repairs on any of these items, home office and beyond, even if they aren’t first time installations, may have the potential to be deducted from your taxes as well. Make sure to keep track of any repairs made, what the repairs were for, and whether those repairs might be considered qualifying.

3.  Home Resale Value Tax Deduction

We all know that doing renovation works increases the overall value of our home. When the time comes when you decide to sell your home, these improvements can become eligible for deduction. Don’t forget to write down what kind of home renovations were made, where the money was spent and the cost of labor as these details will be checked to see if the work is indeed tax deductible. Home improvements for selling, such as finishing a basement or installing a new furnace, can be considered eligible for tax credit. Understanding your home resale value tax impacts can help you decide on the most cost-effective options for improving your home. A tax deductible roofing service such as replacing or maintaining your roof may be an advantageous option for your home.

Improvement & Repairs for Tax Credits

If your home had repairs done, or you plan to do repairs on your home, be sure to account for these repairs in your taxes. These may change the amount to deduct that you qualify for as well, and it is important to keep track of your home repairs always, beyond simply on a tax basis. If you were self employed and had a home office that you want repaired or remodeled before you sell your home, consider exactly how the cost of this home office could affect the entire home and property value and your potential to better your return. That home office might even be working for you.

Or you could get that broken window in your old office fixed. Consider the cost of the broken window relative to the resale value for your property, and factor this into your taxes. An opportunity to credit your taxes for the cost of a repair like this could be available to you, and this would be a good improvement to get.

TurboTax & Home Improvements

TurboTax has a lot of insights to offer about how home improvements are tax deductible. You can find information about whether the plans you have for improvements for your property are tax deductible by looking at TurboTax or doing other research. TurboTax has a great article explaining the process of deducting home improvements from your tax, and how improvements you make to your home can be deducted. Which home improvements you make qualify and which home improvements are not likely to count are explained in greater detail by TurboTax.

Tax Returns & Filing Federal Taxes

Make sure you use a professional service (such as TurboTax, which offers some information and services for free) or seek tax professional assistance with tax preparation and when filing your tax return and including home improvements at the end of the tax year. How much you can get for free when you file with services like this may vary, but they provide useful information irregardless.

You want to make sure your tax return is filed correctly, especially if you are self employed, so that any home improvements or other deductible factors are accounted for in your federal tax before the end of the tax year. Your tax refund is important, and you should make sure you get your refund filed correctly every time.

Legal & Tax Advice

When learning about or unfamiliar with tax break and tax credit information, legal advice, tax savings, or anything else, its important to use a trusted resource. You don’t need to use only a standard deduction if you do the research to find out how much more could be deducted from your tax from home improvements for your property and other factors, like repairs for example! If you need to get other tax advice, you may always speak with a professional about it. Correctly figuring a federal tax break or refund for your taxes every year should never be neglected.

Stapleton Roofing Handles Home Improvement

If your home renovation involves roofing, Stapleton Roofing is the company to call. We bring more than 30 years of industry experience. Whether you need help with roof replacement, reroofing or recoating, our roofers have you covered. Finding tax deductible home improvements to reduce your costs can give you the financial freedom to make more of the changes you are wanting to see in your home.

Whether you are looking at energy efficiency upgrade tax deductions for home, home medical condition deductions, home resale value tax deducting, or another type of home improvement, we hope to give you confidence about where to start and the numbers to add into the equation. As always, we are happy to help with tax deductible roofing service options that you may be interested in, as well as any other roofing needs you have.

How Does Roofing Qualify?

With roofing repair and replacement, you can get the work done on your roof that you need in case you plan on reselling your house. This is a great time to take care of repairs and roof maintenance, especially if it can credit your taxes.

Roofing With Renewable Energy

If you are making an energy efficient upgrade that involves the roof, such as installing solar panels, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get your roof repaired, maintained, or even replaced with a new or different roof before you start! What if you could deduct the cost of roof replacement from your taxes because you installed a source of renewable energy for your home? That is a fantastic money-saving opportunity, and one that only comes around so often!

Medical Condition Roof Modification

Or perhaps you have a medical condition and are planning a modification to your house, and you want to include changes or repairs for your roof in the process. Do your research to confirm whether your case qualifies, and you could potentially deduct your tax towards this roofing project for your modifications for medical purposes.

In Luke 5, Jesus heals a man who was paralyzed after his friends cut a hole through the roof of the house Jesus was inside of and lowered the man through on a bed. Someone was going to have to pay for those unexpected roof repairs! But thank Jesus for tax deductions. A man in the gospel received his healing, and you can receive the benefit of deducting necessary medical-related home improvements from your taxes. Go ahead, it’s alright to say amen.

Resale Value & Roofing

Of course, selling your house is a great time to repair or maintain your roof and increase the value of your property. Use this chance to see how you can benefit from a roofing project in terms of your taxes. There is nothing better than getting important work done on your house and crediting your taxes before you sell it.

Roofing for a Better Tax Return

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