Many adults get themselves Christmas gifts. You can admit that you get your own presents without feeling guilty. This year, consider a present that doesn’t go under the tree, but on topChri of your house – a new roof. If you’re going to spend money on yourself, give yourself something that is going to last for years. You may not realize how much stress your roof takes each season as it protects your home, but as it ages, the shingles can wear out and get blown off and the structure of your roof can deteriorate.

Repair or Replace?

Although most roofs last about 20 to 25 years, the heavy sandstorms in the monsoon season in Arizona cause more damage than other types of storms. The roof has to deal with wind, rain, and sand which ages it quicker. When tree branches break and bounce against the shingles, it also damages your roof. When your roof is newer, it probably will be better to repair it. You may still be in the warranty, but after 10 or 15 years, you should consider replacing it. New materials on the market adds protection to your home, making it a smart decision to upgrade.

Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Roof

Roof age is not the only indication you need to consider replacing your roof. If you’re seeing shingles on the ground or missing shingles on your roof, your home is vulnerable to leaks. You may be having problems with your gutters or seeing grit in them. This debris could mean that your shingles are deteriorating. Take a look in your attic during the day, but leave the lights off. If you can see daylight through the boards, your roof has been compromised. Feel the insulation or look for signs of moisture, like mold or mildew. This is another symptom of a roof that needs to be replaced. Your Phoenix, AZ roofer can inspect your home, inside and out, if you are concerned about missing the signs of a roofing problem.

Put Your Money Into Your Home

Christmas may not seem like the best time, but because it’s the off season for construction, the work can be done sooner. This means that when the spring rains come, you know your roof is ready to withstand Mother Nature. Make an investment in yourself and your family’s comfort. Your home is one of the most important assets in your portfolio. Give the gift of roofing this Christmas by calling Stapleton Roofing 602-737-2360 or visit us online.