Roofing Repair Services in Glendale

Stapleton Roofing Repair Company Clay Tiles Satellite DishYour roof is the primary source of protection from inclement weather. It keeps you and your loved ones warm and dry during winter and cool and comfortable during summer. However, due to daily wear and tear, its condition is bound to deteriorate with time. A damaged roof not only exposed to the elements, but it can ruin the structural integrity of your home. As such, it is imperative to ensure you stay on top of any issues that may spruce up.

If you need to schedule a particular roof service or simply want a professional to assess the condition of your roof, our team at Stapleton Roofing in Glendale AZ is readily available to take on the task. If you find your roof has a leak and needs to be repaired, we can schedule an appointment with an Estimator to discuss what options are available to stop the leak. Do not ignore a roof problem, as it will only get worse and cost you a lot more to rectify. Call us today at 602-755-6250 to get started on your roofing project.

Common Roof Repair Issues

Roofs experience a wide array of problems that call for the help of a professional roofing company. The sooner you attend to these issues and schedule a professional roof repair service, the less you will have to spend on emergency roof repair or even replacement down the road.

In this section, we have listed some of the most common roof repair issues you might face during your roof’s lifetime:

1. Faulty Installation

We don’t inspect roofs to see if they were installed properly. “There are times when a roof fails before the typical 15-20 years. Always hire a licensed professional that will warranty your roof.”

2. Trees

Trees that hang above or near your property can be an excellent way to add beauty to your landscaping. However, they can also wreak havoc on your roof. From leaves clogging up the gutter system to branches falling on the roof, it is imperative to ensure the larger trees surrounding the house are not in a position to cause damage.

3. Leaks and Moisture

From wind to heavy rain, weather elements can result in moisture build-up under the layer of your roof. When unattended, it causes issues like rotting, mold and leakage.

4. Ventilation

When you make sure your roof and attic have ideal ventilation, you will extend your roof’s overall lifespan and create an energy-efficient air movement in your house. However, if you overlook the roof’s ventilation, you will notice damage to the shingles and rafters, sheathing, insulation issues, mold, and more.

5. Shrinkage

When the roof membrane shrinks, you will notice cracks in the roof’s upper layer. When this happens, you will notice splitting, blistering, and surface erosion of the shingles. All this will ultimately result in major repair issues if left unattended.

6. Punctures and Holes

Weather elements can also result in holes in the roof. It is imperative to patch up these punctures as soon as possible in order to prevent more leaks and interior damage. Attending to these issues as soon as possible ascertains the safety and security of those living under your roof.

7. Lack Of or Improper Maintenance

It is also to have a professional roofing team conduct routine maintenance on your roof if you want to extend its lifespan and ensure everything is working optimally. When you sign up for regular maintenance, our team will catch minor issues before they turn into major emergencies.

When you overlook regular maintenance, however, chances are you will get hit with an emergency roof repair need, which does not come cheap.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Given the roof is not something we look at on a daily basis, most people do not know the signs of trouble. That being said, here are some of the telltale signs your roof needs repair:

  • The shingles are cracking, curling, or completely missing in some areas of the roof.
  • The extent of roof damages are minimal
  • You notice general wear and tear around the vents, skylights, chimney, and other openings on the roof.
  • The shingles are dark or wet in some areas of the roof.
  • The roof deck is sagging
  • The exterior paint is peeling or blistering
  • There are strains on the interior walls or ceilings.

If you notice any of these, call a professional roofing service as soon as possible and avoid even bigger repercussions.

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Roofing Repair Services in Glendale