As a roofing contractor that offers roof recoating services, Stapleton Roofing often gets asked about what roof recoating is and why it is sometimes preferable to roof replacement. We answer these and other frequently asked questions in this blog. Five of the most frequently asked questions regarding roof coatings are what is roof recoating, why should I get coatings for my roof, will roof coatings stop leaks, is recoating roofs after installation a good idea, and can I change my roof color. Stapleton Roofing has provided answers to these questions here, and we are eager to answer any other roofing questions you may have.

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What Is Roof Recoating?

Roof recoating is a process that applies a protective coat to an existing roof. While the application process is similar to repainting, roof coatings are much thicker than paint, though they offer similar benefits. If you are wondering what is roof recoating and want to know more specifics on types of recoating, the application process, or any other details, get in contact with Stapleton Roofing! Our roofing experts have expertise in roofing and recoating, and we are here to provide any roofing details you need.

Why Should I Get Coatings For My Roof?

A properly applied roof coat can help extend your roof’s life span by increasing its strength and durability. Certain kinds of coatings have “cool roof” properties, which help minimize the heat absorbed through the roof, resulting in lower energy consumption and a more comfortable interior. They also protect your roof against corrosion and deterioration. If you have flat roof with membrane roofing, roof coatings also help seal in the seams.

Arizona Energy Efficiency and Water Resistance

If you are an Arizona resident or a business owner with a commercial roof wondering ‘why should I get coatings on my roof, and how often?’, Stapleton Roofing can provide you with specific advantages each type of roof coating can give your home or business, including energy costs efficiency properties that reduce power used on air conditioning your building, weatherproof features against water and uv rays, roof service life extending capabilities, and more.

Roof Coating for Commercial or Residential

We can also help you determine how often to have your roof recoated, depending on where you live and what type of roof you have. If you have a commercial roof and need a larger job done on the roof surface, we are the roofing contractor for you. We have the team and capacity to work with a wide range of project scales, including different types of home or commercial flat roof building projects.

Will Roof Coatings Stop Leaks?

Roof coatings like silicone and elastomeric or acrylic are thick enough to fill pinhole leaks upon application, but bigger leaks have to be repaired first. Fortunately, our services as roofers include expert repairs from damage like blisters or ponding water. We will ensure your roof is 100% ready for recoating before the first coat is applied.

Less Damage from Water and UV Rays

Silicone coating and polyurea coating are two of the best watertight coating materials, and elastomeric acrylic coating is also a great option. Without requiring a lot of material or layers, these acrylic or silicone roof coatings provide comparable water and weather protection for your roof as any traditional material or types of roof like modified bitumen, asphalt or metal. We can also help you prevent ponding water on the surface of the material or other sources of roof damage occurring on your roofing systems.

Acrylic or Silicone Water Proof Seal

If you have leaks on your roof and want to know if roof coatings such as acrylic or silicone will repair and stop leaks like those you’re experiencing, talk to a professional first. Stapleton Roofing offers roof inspections and we can provide you with further information on the condition of you roof and whether a roof coating is the right next step.

Plan for each Step & Allow Adequate Cure Time

Roof coating can take multiple steps and time to cure (around 24 hours), so make sure and get it done while weather conditions permit. Thankfully, roof recoating is a relatively brief and less intensive project than other roof replacements. It can be done quickly and easily while only requiring time to cure and the right weather. This is one of the benefits of these types of roofs over metal or asphalt, though the surface does require precise application during a recoat.

Is Recoating Roofs After Installation A Good Idea?

Yes. In fact, a newly installed roof is perfect for recoating. You get to enjoy the new-roof look and performance for much longer, and this may even reduce maintenance requirements, resulting in even further savings in costs and years of service life on your roof surface after coating is applied.

A Recoat Preserves and Extends Roof Service

Recoating roofs after installation or replacement is a highly recommended option, and Stapleton Roofing is here to help you with a roof coating, as well as any other residential or commercial roofing needs you have. You can recoat your silicone roof with more silicon roof coating after its installation, and a flat roof or foam roof perform better with a coating applied after installation.

Lower Material Costs Per Square Foot

A great characteristic of roof coating is how cost effective it is. Roof coating has a lower cost per square foot than other roofing materials. You can extend the life of your new roof on your home or commercial building by up to 20 years with a roof coating. You can do it all for less of an investment than most other roofing service options would cost you.

Can I Change My Roof Color?

If you have a metal roof, you can forget about repainting it and go straight to recoating. If you’re asking ‘can I even change my roof color to the specific color I need for my home with a coating instead of painting?’ the answer is most likely yes! Coatings are available in a wide selection of colors, meaning you choose whatever exterior color palette you want while still enjoying the benefits of a coated roof.

Simply Spray On

Plus, roof coatings do not blister or peel, freeing you from the cycle of scraping and repainting. Recoating your roof will improve your home’s appearance while reducing the amount of energy and money you’ll need to invest into it instead of creating an additional maintenance need. A coating project is quick, cheap, and easy, requiring less of an investment than other replacement or maintenance options.

The Best Way to Switch up your Roof Look

Maybe your roof is under warranty and you are in need of a replacement anyway. If you are looking to fix major problems in a roof, we can’t recommend this type of replacement for your roof system enough. However, if you are simply looking to preserve your existing roof and freshen up its appearance a little bit, getting a spray coating on the surface of the roofing system is one of the best ways to accomplish this quickly and cheaply. A roof coating is used by many home and business owners to extend the life of their flat or foam roof. It takes far less investment than other roof replacements and can extend a roof life nearly as long, if not longer.

Trust a Professional Roofer

Whether you have a house or a commercial roof, get your foam or flat roof coated by a professional like Stapleton. We have been coating flat roofs for generations and our roofing services are highly trusted by Arizona communities. You can trust your roofing system to the roofing contractors locals love.

Stapleton Serving Arizona

Thanks to the roofing experts at Stapleton Roofing, we’ve answered the questions of what is roof recoating, why should I get coatings, will roof coatings stop leaks, is recoating roofs after installation recommended, and can I change my roof color with a recoating. We would love to hear all of your roofing questions and find out how we can help you. Reach out to us, and we are happy to provide consultation for any of your roofing needs or upcoming roofing projects. Learn more about recoating and our other services.

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