More homeowners with flat roofs choose foam roofing because of its many advantages. As the leading foam roofing contractor in the Phoenix area, let us give you an overview of why foam roofing is a great option for your flat roof. If you are unfamiliar with spray polyurethane foam roofing, wondering what is foam roofing or is foam the best roofing material, or curious about the foam roofing advantages of using foam for flat roofing, Stapleton Roofing has foam roofing experts that can answer your questions!

What Is Foam Roofing

Foam Roofing

What is foam roofing? Spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF roofing), sprayed in a liquid form and expanding as it is applied to a roof, is created at the location of its application by mixing a polyol or resin and an isocyanate to create a chemical reaction. This reaction begins immediately after the two separate chemicals are pumped through a high pressure hose and mixing spray gun.

Due to decades of development in the technology and chemistry of foam roofing, today’s foam roofing is incredibly reliable and useful for not only constructing an entire roof, but also strengthening and reinforcing an existing roof with minimal effort and investment. Due to its lightweight, strong, waterproof and weather-resistant properties and its quick, cost-effective, easy application, the foam roofing advantages make foam roofing one of the best roofing material options available today.

With a foam roof protecting your home, you don’t have to worry about leaks or water absorption in your roof. Foam resists water extremely well, and it is lightweight but sturdy, able to bear a lot of weight while not creating any excess of weight itself on your home. Foam is so energy-efficient, it can keep your indoor temperature regulated without the need for excessive energy use. This makes it a great investment for your home that will save you money on heating and AC expenses.

What are the Foam Roofing Advantages

Know that we have answered the question what is foam roofing, allow us to share the foam roofing advantages that make spray polyurethane foam roofing stand out as potentially the best roofing material for your home.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Seals a Roof Completely

Spray polyurethane foam roofing is a spray-applied material that expands and sets shortly after application. This foam layer functions as the main insulating layer, and unlike most flat roofing materials, SPF fills in the smallest crevices and protrusions, sealing in even the hardest-to-reach areas from where leaks potentially come. This is one of the foam roofing advantages that make foam one of the best roofing material options.

Foam Roofing Application is Quick and Easy

Preparing an old roof for installation is simple. Roofers only need to make sure the roof is structurally sound and free from loose debris. You can even opt to keep the old roofing to save on removal and disposal costs. SPF installs and sets on anything, even on existing tar-and-gravel roofs. Once the foam layer sets, an outer elastomeric coating over foam for flat roofing will be installed for a stronger seal. Installation time on an average-sized residential roof only takes about a day.

Foam Roofing is an Energy-Efficient Insulator

One of the more obvious benefits of foam roofing is that it adds a strong, insulating layer onto the roof, which minimizes heat absorption and helps reduce your indoor cooling requirements. If your roof is a new construction, foam roofing eliminates the need to have a separate insulation layer installed. As previously mentioned, SPF fills tight spaces, including areas where flashing is applied. This makes your roof virtually leak-proof, meaning less chances of developing leaks over time. Also, the elastomeric outer coating on foam for flat roofing doesn’t have seams, eliminating the chances of the outer layer being torn off by wind.

Foam Roofing is Strong

Foam roofing sets firm and doesn’t feel “squishy” when walked on, and in fact, it has better impact resistance than most roofing materials. You can turn your flat roof into a top deck without needing to install decking material on it. Not only can you build a strong, durable roof with foam roofing, you can use spray polyurethane foam roofing to repair, reinforce, and strengthen an existing roof. This can extend the life of your current roof at relatively low cost! People sometimes doubt the durability of foam roofing, not understanding the composition and design of foam for flat roofing and other types of roofing as the sturdy material it really is. However, its makeup combined with its lightweight properties make it a strategic choice and one of the best roofing material types available for homes today.

Foam Roofing Reduces Waste

If your foam roof eventually reaches the end of its life span, the only part that will need to be replaced is the outer layer, which means savings on roof disposal and replacement costs as well as minimizing the space occupied in landfills. For homeowners today who value waste reduction and who appreciate minimal, cost-effective roof repairs, foam roofing stands out as the best roofing material available to cut down on waste an necessary maintenance.

After seeing the foam roofing advantages of foam for flat roofing and other types of roofing, including roof repair, you can see why foam is one of the best roofing material options available. Knowing what is foam roofing and how is spray polyurethane foam roofing made and applied gives you a great insight into roofing and how this option could be a perfect fit for your home. If you are interested in foam or flat roofing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Stapleton Roofing! Our experts can provide consultation, recommendations, and most importantly, an exceptional roofing job and service for your foam roofing project and all your roofing needs.

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