Investing in a new roof is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost its functionality. This endeavor, however, does not have a fixed price tag. Note that there are multiple factors that drive roofing costs, which means yours could be different from a neighbor tackling the same project. When looking at a roof replacement final price, knowing the roof replacement cost factors such as roof service engineering requirements, roofing service code requirements, and roofing expenses of lifestyle choices for your home, can help you determine what you should be paying. When you are talking to a roofing contractor and looking to get a replacement, they should be clear about roof replacement costs up-front. They should also provide any insight need into what factors into the roof cost of the roof replacement.

3 Major Roof Replacement Cost Factors

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The roofing service code requirements, roof service engineering requirements, and any roofing expenses of lifestyle choices you’ve made for your home will effect the roof replacement final price most prominently. Stapleton Roofing has handled roof replacements for residents throughout the Arizona area, and we would like to offer some insight into why each of these roof replacement cost factors matter, how they effect prices, and what they mean for you as a homeowner.

Roof Service Engineering Requirements

The total roof cost and square footage of your roofing project hinges on several factors that fit under this category of new roof service engineering requirements. The steepness of the roof’s slope, for instance, requires more shingles and the need for equipment and will raise the roof replacement final price. Unwalkable roof pitches, especially those greater than 6:12, drive installation costs per square foot higher. The structure of your roof can factor in terms of the amount of material needed to complete the new roof replacement as well. Steeper roofs will require more material to complete than flatter roof, and thus become more expensive.

Roofing Materials

Is your roof an asphalt shingle roof? A flat roof? A low slope roof? What is the square footage? The cost of your roofing materials should be factored into the costs you need to consider. A roof that has asphalt shingles or tiles can sometimes cost more in terms of materials needed, since tiles and asphalt shingles need to overlap. You will need more asphalt shingles to cover the same area than a flat layer of foam, for instance. Pay attention to the cost of a new roof per roofing square (100 square feet) when looking at roof replacement costs.

The type of materials used can also affect the length of time it takes to install the roof. More time and labor will be needed for roof materials that are intricately put together, such as shingles. Other parts of the roof that need replacing, such as a wood shake, can take additional time and labor. Don’t forget the many factors such as the length of time the job might take when adding up your costs of your roofing project.

Get a Different Roof

Of course, there is always the option to choose a different roofing type, but the costs to get a different roofing material could be should be considered for your project as well. Talk to a roofing contractor before you take on this project to make sure you choose a good roofing option for your home. Roofing contractors can advise you in this process and guide you on a roofing type that will be ideal for your home and give you peace of mind about your project.

Roof Size

A roof that has more square footage will cost more to replace in terms of both materials you will need and the work or labor required to complete the job over a wider, and possibly more difficult size of area. The roof slope or roof pitch can make the task more challenging or time-consuming. The labor required to do a roof replacement job on a steep roof that has asphalt shingles, for example, will be more than the work it takes to replace a flat roof, which is easy to walk on. The asphalt shingles will also overlap, covering fewer square feet, and this factor should be considered in your repair cost estimate.

When looking at your replacement project, consider how much your roofs pitch type and size will affect the costs of roofing material and labor. You can better estimate your repair costs if you factor in these size considerations.

Architectural Style

Another one of the roof replacement cost factors related to new roof service engineering requirements is the architectural style of your home. It often determines the quality and type of roofing material to be used for the new roof replacement. Reputable roofers and contractors won’t obviously recommend low-quality asphalt shingles if you have an elaborately constructed and designed home. In a way, this factor is connected to the roofing expenses of lifestyle choices made for your home previously as well.

Roofing Service Code Requirements

Roofing costs are also dependent on safety and building codes as well as city, county or state codes. Professional contractors like us provide roofing services in accordance with the requirements set forth by government bodies. Roofing service code requirements can vary for local contractors, and the impact they create on your roof replacement final price can vary as a result. You may want to look into the roofing service code requirements on roofing contractors in your area so that you will know what to expect when getting a roof replacement.

Contractor Specifications and Roof Replacement Costs

Apart from contractors, roofing materials are installed based on the manufacturers’ specifications. Qualified roofers and contractors are trained in the installation of any roofing system. Manufacturers like GAF offer advanced training and installation certifications to ensure proper installation of their roofing products. A professional contractor will meet your roofing service code requirements and keep their work total cost-effective with sensitivity to these regulations.

Roofing Expenses of Lifestyle Choice

As a homeowner, you have the flexibility to adjust certain variables that affect the cost of your project. For you to reap the benefits of a newly-installed roof, your choice of roofing material should exude durability, beauty, efficiency, comfort and affordability. Decisions about your roof and home design are one of the most direct roof replacement cost factors you will be dealing with. For example, the average roof replacement cost per square foot for a metal roof may be lower than other kinds of roofs, but a more expensive tiled roof creates an elegant-looking aesthetic.

The Material You Choose

Your roofing expenses of lifestyle decisions like this for your home may be related to the material used for your roof (which affects both how often you may need it replaced and how costly a replacement of the material will be) and the structure of your new roof job (a visual choice as well as a functional one, and a choice that varies how much and how expensive material could be for roof replacement costs).

High Quality Home

If your home has a more expensive style, you shouldn’t shy away from the roof replacement final cost including the right material and work for a proper replacement. This quality roofing is a big part of your home’s value, and even though it costs more, it is worthwhile to maintain rather than lowering the value of the house and degrading its roof. A house needing to get an expensive roof replacement can still be sold at a significantly higher profit, making great maintenance worthwhile for you as you invest in the house.

New Roof or Old Roof

Are you repairing damage to an old roof by replacing it? Is your roof simply worn and in need of replacement? Or is your roof relatively new and experiencing roof failure? The answers to these questions can change the costs of the roof for you significantly.

For example, a new roof that was improperly installed by a contractor, or even an old roof that has prematurely reached the end of its life may be under warranty. If you’re dealing with damage, talk to a contractor to see if replacement is necessary and if it is covered.

Roof Warranty

Of course, some roof replacement or repair costs may be covered by roof warranties. Make sure you are aware of any warranty on your roof, and if you can get work done that the warranty will cover, as well as how much. If your roof has experienced damage, there is a possibility contractors or roofing companies will be able to repair the damage and even other roof needs under the warranty.

You can talk to our experts at Stapleton to find out if any of these apply to you, and what you could get from your roofing contractor. We can look at the damage and assess its cost, and whether a repair or a replacement project is required, as well as showing you all the options available to you. A local contractor for roofs is helpful for this, and we are happy to work on roofs throughout the Phoenix area and beyond.

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Stapleton Roofing is one of the top roofing companies in the local area. Our roof replacement final price and quality service will impress you, and our expertise is well worth its cost. When you turn to us, you can be sure that we will guide you throughout the roof replacement process, starting from providing a proper roof estimate up to the project’s completion.

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