A roof that strikes a balance between strength and visual appeal is rare. Conventional roofing materials usually excel in one of the two, but are lackluster when it comes to the other. Luckily, leading manufacturers have produced roofing systems that have the right mix of qualities. AstonWood shingles for roofing are a preferred shingle from TAMKO trusted roofing products, and some of the best AstonWood steel shingles features include the AstonWood shingle lightweight durability, AstonWood shingle design flexibility, and the aesthetic of AstonWood shingles. AstonWood steel shingles, if you haven’t considered the benefits of metal roofing, are an example of metal roofing rising in popularity as both practical and aesthetic roofing.

AstonWood shingles

Wooden roofs, in particular, have been an enduring long-time favorite among homeowners because of their classic appeal. If you’re looking for a durable roof, however, your contractor may not suggest getting a wooden roof because of its susceptibility to wear and tear, and the considerable maintenance it requires.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Wooden roofs can be expensive in the long-run and a hassle, especially if they develop leaks that can lead to other damage in your home and inconvenient repairs being needed. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for durability, you can’t go wrong with choosing a metal roof. Metal roofs, a common sight in industrial compounds and backyard sheds, aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing material, however.

Range of Features

Thankfully, the aesthetic of AstonWood shingles has cause metal roofing to come a long ways in terms of visual appeal and options for colors. You no longer have to sacrifice your roof’s longevity to have a beautiful home, since metal AstonWood shingle lightweight durability is as reliable as its appearance and makes for an AstonWood shingle design flexibility advantage. These are some of the best AstonWood steel shingle features and AstonWood shingles for roofing, making it a number one choice.

TAMKO® Shingles, AstonWood

TAMKO®, a trusted name among homeowners since 1944, has developed a roofing product line that combines the best aspects of wood and metal (replicates the rich texture of wood and uses the strength of galvanized steel and metalworks) when it comes to metal shingles: AstonWood® Shingle brand. TAMKO trusted roofing products such as AstonWood shingles for roofing are Energy Star rated and used in roof installation by residents all over Arizona and throughout the US. Here’s why the best AstonWood steel shingle features have caused TAMKO trusted roofing products to rise to the top.

Classic Wooden Aesthetic of AstonWood Shingles

The aesthetic of AstonWood shingles give your home that same classic look that cedar shingles have without compromising on durability. These metal shingles are a great roofing product, and you will love the advantages offered by this metalworks product for metal roofing.

Appeal of Cedar Shingles in Galvanized Steel

The metalworks composition is reinforced by special coatings that can resist dirt and withstand the wear and tear, two of the most common problems faced by homeowners. So your roof will get protection from the elements for years with the visual aesthetic of AstonWood shingles creating a wooden-shingle look from a metalworks product that you will be proud to show off and have much less worrying about maintenance than you would have with real wooden shingles.

If you are worried about the ability of galvanized steel in metal shingles and metal roofing, we encourage you to give metal a chance! It offers the strength of steel construction for your roof, protecting your house against dirt and environmental aging better than other roofing, and replicates the rich appeal of cedar shingles with a wide range of available colors.

AstonWood Shingle Lightweight Durability

The tendency with most roofing materials is the more durable the material, the heavier it is. But this doesn’t apply to lightweight AstonWood steel shingles! Accounting for AstonWood shingle lightweight durability makes Astonwood shingles for roofing a smart choice. Your home can have the appeal of cedar shingles and texture of wood with the great impact resistance of galvanized steel metal roofing.

AstonWood Shingle Design Flexibility

For those who want a wide range of colors and design options to customize their exterior, AstonWood steel Shingles come in a variety of colors, such as River Rock Brown, Sequoia Red and Sierra Slate Grey to name a few.

Available Colors

When working with shingle colors, AstonWood has the design flexibility to create an easy aesthetic of AstonWood shingles, which in combination with AstonWood shingle lightweight durability, makes you free to design your roof and home however you like, in any color, without incurring roof maintenance challenges or risks. You can rely on the AstonWood shingle design flexibility to create your own home masterpiece and bring your creativity in full force in any color.

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