If you’ve been burned before by roofing contractors who didn’t get the stated job within the parameters of the contract, or worse, caused damage to your home that they won’t fix, you are understandably wary about hiring roofers for your next project. Don’t be a victim again! Check out these horror stories of homeowners just like you who hired inexperienced roofers to replace their home’s roof.

4 of the Most Common Roofing Horror Stories

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Stapleton Roofing has helped dozens of clients who previously dealt with frustrating roofing experiences. In our experience with customers, we have compiled some of the most common roofing horror stories and important steps on how to avoid them. These stories include some improper roof attachments, a roof failing soon after completion and being no longer under warranty, a roofing contractor disappearing suddenly, and a dishonest roofing company that didn’t actually complete the work they were hired to do. Investigating a roofing company’s background, how long they have been around, what brands they work with, and what their customer feedback sounds like can give you a good idea of whether a roofing company is trustworthy or not.

Some Improper Roof Attachments

You may assume any roofer in the yellow pages or on the Internet has the right experience, licensing and qualifications to attach a roof correctly. At the very least, a contractor should want to do a good job if only to keep repeat business! Not so. One homeowner hired a roofer to install a 40-year architectural shingle on his roof — a high-quality product choice. However, the installation was so poor that the quality of the roof didn’t even matter; as a result of high nailing the roof, a recent wind storm ripped off a third of the roof.

A roofer putting some improper roof attachments on your home is a major waste of your time and money, and like most common roofing horror stories, this one can be avoided. Check your roofing contractor’s background thoroughly before hiring them. If you can find customer reviews or testimonials, be on the lookout for any mentions of some improper roof attachments or other problems clients might have experienced with that contractor.

No Longer Under Warranty

Leaks can happen anywhere on a roof, particularly around chimneys, eaves, and flashing. Another homeowner had just had a roof installed the year previously but started getting leaks around the chimney. A call to the contractor yielded a frustrating surprise — the roofer said there was nothing he could do, as the roof was no longer under warranty. There’s no excuse in this situation, as most roofs come with a warranty of at least 20 years or more, with workmanship warranties of up to 10 years.

If you get a roof installation or repair and start experiencing roof leaks shortly afterwards, but your roof is no longer under warranty, this situation can be a big, frustrating, costly experience. Double check the promises your roofing contractor makes in regards to the length and requirements of their warranty before you hire them so you don’t end up living one of these common roofing horror stories. While a roofer may require that you do regular maintenance on your roof, this is normal and should be manageable to preserve your warranty for decades.

Roofing Contractor Disappearing Suddenly

The nature of the roofing business is a high-turnover one. That’s why choosing a roofer that’s been in the business many years with a good reputation in the community is key. This makes it less likely that you’ll be the victim of a disappearing act. The scenario is all too familiar: a roofer puts on a new roof with shoddy materials, making promises all the way. The next few years pass and leaks develop and shingles fall off. A call to the roofer yields a wrong number — he is no longer in business and can’t be found. Now you’re out thousands after your roofing contractor disappearing suddenly with no one to hold accountable. This happens a lot with roof scammers such as storm chasers.

A good way to avoid common roofing horror stories like a roofing contractor disappearing suddenly is to look at their pricing relative to other companies, the brands and products they use, and how long they have been in business (verify the age of the company as well as you can). Most good quality roofing contractors will price their services about the same because of how much it costs to complete quality work, and you will find a lot of roofing brands and products in common across the board because they are proven and trustworthy.

A Dishonest Roofing Company

Many sub-par roofers will simply put on a new roof over your old one (which is done quite frequently in this business — IF the underlying problems have been fixed in the first place). One local homeowner hired a dishonest roofing company to put on a new roof. Well, the roofer did exactly that, but neglected to repair the damage on the existing layer. Six years passed, the woman died, and her children tried to sell the house. Unfortunately, the inspection revealed significant rot under the new roof. It would all have to be ripped off, the damage fixed, and a new roof put on — all at significant expense that could have been avoided had the original roofer simply done his job.

A good way to avoid this situation, as with other common roofing horror stories, is to check client reviews and testimonials about the roofer. You should be wary of a dishonest roofing company if they are reluctant to show reviews, or if customers seem to be unhappy with the work the roofers are doing.

The key to finding a qualified, reputable roofer is through research. It’s important to have a professional roofing contractor who has an experienced team to handle your roof replacement. Choose Stapleton Roofing for your project, boasting more than 20 years of experience and an A+ rating with the AZ BBB. Give us a call for a free estimate and to schedule a no-obligation consultation at From the earliest roofing structures, through a long journey of roofing progress and development, and arriving at the modern sustainable roofing practices in the current roofing industry we use today, the history of roofing has been a fascinating and powerful story. or visit us at stapletonroofing.com.