When a roofing contractor is working on your home, having some knowledge of the terms they use can be beneficial. In this post, Stapleton Roofing shares a list of commonly used terms within the roofing industry. These are five of the most common roofing terms that are thrown around. If you have been a part of any roofing conversations, you may be wondering, what is roof flashing, or what’s a roof membrane and underlayment, what is roof pitch, or what’s a roof deck? Stapleton Roofing answers all these questions, providing a concise list of important roofing terms and meanings. Knowledge of these terms could give you a greater ease of understanding roofing discussions and their relevance to your own roof and home.

Five Common Roofing Terms and Meanings


Five of the most common roofing terms used are roof pitch, roof deck, flashing, membrane, and underlayment. If you are wondering what any of these terms mean, like what’s a roof deck or what is roof flashing, or you are looking for definitions to what’s a roof membrane or what is roof pitch, we can answer those questions! These common roofing terms and meanings are fairly straightforward once they have been explained, and we want to take the time to make these definitions readily available for all homeowners and roofing clients.

Roof Pitch

What is roof pitch? Pitch is the measure of a roof’s slope. Roof pitch is intended to allow proper flow of rain. While categories are not properly defined, roof pitch may be classified as:

  • Low Slope

  • Medium Slope

  • Steep Slope

  • Flat

If you have a certain pitch on your roof structure currently, you might wondering if you can change your roof pitch. The answer is yes, you can! Talk to Stapleton Roofing about roof pitch options and what roof pitch is possible or recommended for your home.

Roof Flashing

What is roof flashing? These are the pieces of metal used to avoid water leakage into your home. Roof flashing is typically installed around any intersection in a roof like the chimneys, adjoining walls, vent pipes, valleys and dormers. Ask a trusted local roofing company like Stapleton Roofing to make sure your roof flashings are secure.

Roof Deck

What’s a roof deck? Decks are the foundation of your roof. They are the base that is placed against your attic to conceal the rafters and support the total weight of the roofing materials. Roof decks must be strong enough to support all the roofing materials that are fastened to it and reliable enough to cope with the force of natural elements and constant use. If installed correctly, a roof deck will dramatically increase the longevity of your roofs.

Roof Membrane

What’s a roof membrane? This refers to materials that have waterproofing capabilities. They are usually placed on flat roofs to avoid water leaks and channel water away from the roof itself. A roof membrane can develop problems if not installed or maintained carefully, such as roofing blisters or water pooling heavily in certain areas. Make sure to entrust flat roof installation to a professional who will complete the task properly and provide the best flat roof maintenance.

Roof Underlayment

What is roof underlayment? This is the base layer of the roof and usually found between the shingles and roof deck. Underlayments for roofing can be waterproof or water-resistant depending on the material and quality.

If you have further questions about technical roofing concepts, have another roofing term you would like defined, or you are looking for in-depth insight about your roof for any reason, you can also reach out to Stapleton Roofing at any time with your questions. We are happy to connect with you, offer consultation, and answer any other questions you might have. We want to hear your needs, provide any information that may be helpful, and share with you what we know. You can put our knowledge and roofing expertise to the test!

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