With excellent durability and an average lifespan of 50 years, it’s easy to see why metal roofing has continued to increase in popularity in recent years. But even though metal roofing is more common now than it has been in the past, there are still quite a few myths about it floating around. Today, Stapleton Roofing is here to dispel some of the myths and share the good news about metal roofs! Stapleton Roofing discusses three of the most common metal roofing myths, is metal roofing noisy, does metal roofing attract lightning, or are metal roofs not attractive, and whether these beliefs are true. We have also looked into the benefits of metal roofs including metal roofing energy efficiency.

Myth #1: Is Metal Roofing Noisy?

Metal Roofing Myths

Truth: If you’ve ever been inside a shed with a metal roof during a storm, the rain hitting the metal can really make a racket. This experience can make someone believe one of the most common metal roofing myths, is metal roofing noisy, even metal roofs for houses? However, a metal roofing system on a home or commercial building has many more components than a simple shed roof. With layers of underlayment and sheathing on the roof in addition to the insulation in your existing attic space, a metal roof is generally just as quiet as an asphalt roof, if not more so. These layers also give metal roofing energy efficiency advantages to homeowners through their insulating capabilities as well as creating a soundproof living space.

Myth #2: Does Metal Roofing Attract Lightning?

Truth: While metal does conduct electricity, it does not attract it. This creates a misunderstanding if someone is confused about the difference between conducting electricity and attracting lightning, making some wonder can metal roofing attract lightning? A metal roof is actually no more likely to be struck by lightning than one composed of any other roofing material – and if it is hit, the energy would simply be dispersed throughout the building, resulting in less damage. Because metal isn’t flammable, it won’t catch fire like a roof made of asphalt shingles. Metal roofing energy efficiency is comparable to that of other roofing types, and the added benefit that it is a fireproof material and can disperse electricity through conduction to keep your home from getting damaged by lighting makes it one of the safest home roofing options available. The idea that metal roofs are dangerous is one of the common metal roofing myths that is actually the farthest from the truth.

Myth #3: Are Metal Roofs Not Attractive?

Truth: Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match any home style and satisfy even the pickiest homeowner. It’s also possible to order custom colors if you don’t find a standard color you like. With so many roofing options available to you, it can be tempting to count metal out thinking metal roofs not attractive, at least not metal roofs or homes. But metal roofing has become widely available in just about any pattern or color you could dream of. And as a bonus, there are certain colors that are ENERGY STAR®-rated as “cool” colors, which can help lower your monthly cooling costs and could even qualify you for a federal tax rebate. This option increases the metal roofing energy efficiency advantages you can gain from installing metal roofing for homes.

Not having a full or accurate understanding of metal roofing and other roofing options available to you today, and what the beneficial features of each one are to you and your home can limit your possibilities in choosing a roof. You may have your own preferences that make roofing options like metal advantageous to you, yet myths like these can be misleading for people considering their roofing options. Gaining true insight from experts in the roofing industry can give you a clearer picture of what makes roofing like metal roofing a strong choice. Now that you have seen the truth behind the three most common metal roofing myths, is metal roofing noisy, does metal roofing attract lighting, and are metal roofs not attractive, you may be more drawn to metal roofing for houses than before. There are many great advantages to this type of roofing, including metal roofing energy efficiency, which is enhanced by the properties of the metal.

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