When it comes to traditional roofing options, few can come close to the breathtaking design and everlasting durability of a tile roof. However, not all tile roofs are the same because some are made of clay while others are made of concrete. How are these two options different from each other? Should I be comparing tile shape and functionality, durability of concrete roof tile and clay, or clay roof tile cost and concrete? What are the reasons each type of tile might differ in these areas? Your trusted local roofing contractor gives you a rundown on clay and concrete tiles.

Factors For Comparing Clay Vs Concrete Roof Tiles

Clay Vs Concrete Roofing

There are four main factors to consider when comparing clay vs concrete roof tiles, and deciding which between clay and concrete tiles will be best for your roof. You will want to consider the roof tile shape functionality of each type of tile, the durability of concrete roof tiles compared to clay tiles, the concrete roof tile cost in comparison to clay roof tile, and the availability of each type of roof tile. Stapleton Roofing has compared the pros and cons of each type of tile, thoroughly comparing clay vs concrete roof tiles for each of these criteria, and given you results that can help guide you in choosing the best tile for your roof.

Tile Shape and Functionality for Clay and Concrete Tiles

When it comes to form, both options are exactly identical. Clay and concrete tiles used for roofing are contoured to add a dynamic texture to the roof surface. Clay tile may have a slight edge when it comes to color since concrete tile is usually gray unless an additive is used. Both options can also be painted with any color to match your personal preference. In general, the roof tile shape and functionality of both types of tile for adding visual appeal to your roof gives either one an advantage over many other types of roofs. For example, if you’re comparing roof tiles vs shingles, the shape of tiles really comes into play and can be a major preference for homeowners. Many people have come to love black clay roof tiles, and other options for clay tile colors. While clay roof tiles may give you slightly more flexibility in tile shape and functionality for aesthetic purposes, it is difficult to pick a clear winner in this category when comparing clay vs concrete roof tiles.

Durability of Concrete Roof Tiles Vs Clay Roof Tiles

Now comes the more technical aspect of both roofing options. According to roofers, clay and concrete tiles can both last as long as the structure they are installed on. Both do not burn when exposed to fire, making them safer than wood shakes. However, clay tile is a bit heavier than concrete, which means it boasts slightly better wind resistance. As mentioned before, structure matters. You should only install roof tiles if your roof structure is in good condition and very strong, especially if you will be using the heavier clay tiles. Clay and concrete tiles will protect your home from fire, wind, and rain, but your roof should be in good enough shape to support them, and to not be deteriorated underneath them already. If you are not careful of this, you may end up facing costly roof repairs later once the roof tiles have already been installed. The durability of concrete roof tiles or clay roof tiles will be good for your home, but be sure to get a roof inspection before installing to make sure no other repairs are needed first.

Concrete Roof Tile Cost Vs Clay Roof Tile Cost

Cost can be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing between clay and concrete tile. Although you get better wind resistance with clay tiles, the increased weight will require roofers to install extra support structures to accommodate the heavy material. This can make clay tile roofs more expensive upfront. Fortunately, both clay and concrete tiles are energy-efficient, both having excellent thermal resistance. Even if you are wary of clay roof tile cost when comparing clay vs concrete tiles, remember that the distance in clay roof tiles prices up front becomes almost negligible in the long run when looking at the similar properties of both types of tile to reduce energy use in your home and provide a higher level of energy efficiency. For Arizona residents, this is a particularly appealing and cost-effective factor. Once again, it’s difficult to pick a winner in the comparison of clay roof tile cost and concrete roof tile cost, so rest assured that you really can’t go wrong here.

Availability of Clay and Concrete Tiles

Because of how clay tiles are produced, they are slightly more difficult to find than concrete tile (which could also mean clay could cost more). Concrete tiles take less time to make and the raw materials are readily available, which means you have better chances of finding concrete tiles. Depending on where you live, the price difference in clay roof tile cost vs concrete roof tile may be wider than in other locations. Stapleton Roofing would be happy to provide you with further consultation about your tile roof plans and how maintaining a clay roof or concrete roof might look in the near and far future after its installment. A leading roofing company like us offers both types of tile roofing, but you’ll have an easier time finding replacement tiles for concrete.

Now that you have compared clay roof tile cost with concrete tile, the durability of concrete roof tile and clay tile, the roof tile shape and functionality of each type of tile, and assessed the availability of tile to you specifically, your process of comparing clay vs concrete tiles is complete. If you are ready to make the choice and install your new roof tile today, don’t hesitate to reach out to Stapleton Roofing!

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