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The 3 Best Steep Sloped Roof Materials

Steep-sloped roofs offer plenty of benefits, including effective steep roof water runoff. Carefully consider your best steep-sloped roof material. Steep sloped roof materials have different properties, primarily their weight, lifespan, and appearance. Steep slope roofs of asphalt shingles don't usually last as long as tiles, but is generally lightweight, basic in appearance, and less expensive. Steep slope roofing systems of concrete tile is heavier, and more costly, but lasts about twice as long as shingles, and steep slope roofing clay tile is similar to concrete, only coming in a greater variety of colors and shapes. Choosing your Roofing If you are considering a new material for your steep sloped roof, but you are unsure which type of roofing material you need, Stapleton can help! Our roofing experts compiled a list of advantages to tiles and shingle roofing for steep roofs. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with further questions if you are looking for a roofing recommendation based on your roofing needs. Steep Sloped Roof Materials When it comes to choosing roofing materials for steep-sloped roofs, steep slope roofing [...]

December 17th, 2018|

Clay vs. Concrete Roofing: What You Need to Know

When it comes to traditional roofing options, few can come close to the breathtaking design and everlasting durability of a tile roof. However, not all tile roofs are the same because some are made of clay while others are made of concrete. How are these two options different from each other? Should I be comparing tile shape and functionality, durability of concrete roof tile and clay, or clay roof tile cost and concrete? What are the reasons each type of tile might differ in these areas? Your trusted local roofing contractor gives you a rundown on clay and concrete tiles. Factors For Comparing Clay Vs Concrete Roof Tiles There are four main factors to consider when comparing clay vs concrete roof tiles, and deciding which between clay and concrete tiles will be best for your roof. You will want to consider the roof tile shape functionality of each type of tile, the durability of concrete roof tiles compared to clay tiles, the concrete roof tile cost in comparison to clay roof tile, and the availability of each type of roof [...]

September 10th, 2018|

4 Reasons Why Tile Roofs Are a Great Idea

When you think of tile roofs, you might be thinking of their unique pattern and elegant design. You might have also heard of their rather pricey installation fees. However, don’t be deceived by the numbers. Tile roofing offers several long-term benefits that might help you consider asking your roofing contractor about them. So why is tile roofing great? Why is Tile Roofing Great? What are the advantages of a tile roof? I see a lot of tile roofs, why is tile roofing great for so many homes? These may be questions you are asking yourself if you're considering tile for your roof. Stapleton Roofing has worked with clients throughout Arizona and installed, repaired, and maintained many tile roofs! We would love to share the benefits with you, and help you with your own tile roof. The advantages of this type of roofing include tile roof weatherproof longevity, roof tile increasing resale value of homes, energy efficient roof tile properties, and low maintenance, stylish tile roofing features. Once you see why is tile roofing great for homes, you may decide you [...]

March 23rd, 2018|

Tile Roofs and Local Phoenix Arizona Roofing

Tile roof's have been popular for decades. Majority of new homes built today have a tile roof system installed. The major difference between the older and newer tile roof systems is the underlayment used. The tile gives the roof an unique look to the tile that was installed, but the tile is solely aesthetic. The waterproofing of the roof is the quality of the underlayment. Over the years, the products being used are far more superior and will last longer than the original 15-20 years. You may be wondering why so much tile roofing in Arizona, and which roof tile is best if I need an Arizona home tile roof? If you're looking for quality tile roofing material, Stapleton Roofing is here to help! We have worked with residents throughout Arizona, and we can explain the reasons behind tile roofing popularity in your community. You may be wondering, why so much tile roofing in Arizona? The majority of homes in Phoenix seem to use tile roofing, and local Phoenix Arizona roofing companies offer an extensive selection of roof tile materials, [...]

August 23rd, 2017|

Tile vs Shingle Roofing: Right Fit for Your Home

Homeowners looking to install a new roof often find themselves torn in one or the other direction between tile or shingle roofing. While price is a factor (and a big one) there are a number of things to consider when installing either. Depending on climate, what you choose to install can give you years of satisfaction– if you make the right choice. Stapleton Roofing, a company with generations of experience in roofing service to Arizona residents, gives insight into the differences on tile vs shingle roofing. It helps tile and shingle price comparison as well as looking at shingle and tile roof material differences, tile and shingle styles, and the difference in tile and asphalt shingle roof longevity. We would love to help you in making the perfect roofing decision, and we can offer a great roof installation, whatever roofing type you prefer. Tile vs Shingle Roofing In comparing tile vs shingle roofing, a few features you might want to consider are a tile and shingle price comparison, the shingle and tile roof material differences, shingle and tile styles, and [...]

February 27th, 2015|
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