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Durability & Aesthetic: AstonWood® Steel Shingles

A roof that strikes a balance between strength and visual appeal is rare. Conventional roofing materials usually excel in one of the two, but are lackluster when it comes to the other. Luckily, leading manufacturers have produced roofing systems that have the right mix of qualities. AstonWood shingles for roofing are a preferred shingle from TAMKO trusted roofing products, and some of the best AstonWood steel shingles features include the AstonWood shingle lightweight durability, AstonWood shingle design flexibility, and the aesthetic of AstonWood shingles. AstonWood steel shingles, if you haven't considered the benefits of metal roofing, are an example of metal roofing rising in popularity as both practical and aesthetic roofing. Wooden roofs, in particular, have been an enduring long-time favorite among homeowners because of their classic appeal. If you’re looking for a durable roof, however, your contractor may not suggest getting a wooden roof because of its susceptibility to wear and tear, and the considerable maintenance it requires. Metal Roofing Benefits Wooden roofs can be expensive in the long-run and a hassle, especially if they develop leaks that can [...]

July 12th, 2019|

Low Slope Roofing Solution: TAMKO® BASE and CAP Sheets

Roofing manufacturer TAMKO® offers a solution that lets homeowners enjoy the benefits of their high-quality asphalt shingles on low-slope roofs: SA BASE and CAP. There are several sbs modified bitumen BASE and CAP sheet roofing benefits that could make sbs modified bitumen self adhering TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets and TAMKO residential roofing technology the low slope roofing material solution you want for your own home. With many years of roofing technology development behind them, this trusted roofing brand has an option for roofing that could simplify and improve your journey as a homeowner. Using BASE and CAP Sheets A low slope roof is associated back with contemporary architecture or on commercial structures, such as built-up roofing (BUR) and single-ply membranes. However, there are certain types of low slope roofing where such materials are not suitable: home additions and porticos or roofing styles like Mansard and bonnet. TAMKO BASE and CAP sheets are a fantastic development in low slope roofing material solution in TAMKO residential roofing technology system and residential roofing. Let us share self adhering-back CAP sheet benefits [...]

March 19th, 2019|

The Right Roofing System for You: A Guide

According to roof replacement experts, picking the right type of roofing system is essential to minimizing roofing damage and maximizing the value you get out of your investment. Since roofing systems can be complicated, our experts have created a quick guide to help you figure out which option will work best for you. Picking the best roofing fit depends on the differences in roofing availability, cost, durability, style, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance. Whatever you decide on for your roof, we have a guide to choosing roofing that can help you figure out which roofing priorities are important to you. The Right Roofing System For You Picking the best roofing to suit your home comes down to what roofing priorities are important for you as a homeowner. When deciding on a roof for your home, you have several factors to take into account. The right roofing system can be hard to figure out without proper information about each option available to you. Stapleton Roofing, a team of roofing experts in Phoenix, Arizona, has built a guide to choosing roofing [...]

September 13th, 2018|

4 Most Common Coatings for Roofs

Roofs endure extreme weather and sunlight, which can damage the material of which they're made. While you can switch over to more expensive options, roofers have found a more affordable way to protect your roof. This form of protection comes in the form of four different roof coatings, each of which offers your home various levels of resistance to the elements. Here are the details of each one. What are the Most Common Roof Coatings and Their Advantages? Stapleton Roofing knows you have a lot of options when it comes to roof coatings, and you want to know the truth about the advantages and disadvantages of each. We have given you a clear, concise list of our four most commonly seen coatings, as well as the greatest strengths of each one which might make them preferable over another according to different criteria. We hope this guide can help you choose the best roof coating for you, and that with as many roofing types are there are out there, you can navigate your options easily. Allow us to introduce the affordable [...]

September 5th, 2018|

4 Reasons For a Quality Foam Roofing Investment

More popularly known as SPF, spray polyurethane foam is a spray-applied insulating foam plastic for roofing. While it isn’t the most recognizable roofing option, it’s actually been around since 1960s. This roofing material, nonetheless, offers a lot of advantages, especially in commercial settings. If you want to know why you should consider a quality foam roofing investment for your home, Stapleton Roofing has compiled four great advantages to consider, including foam roof energy efficiency, the ease of installing a foam roof, relatively lightweight foam roofing, and long lasting foam roofing. Stapleton Roofing, one of the leading roofers in the area, discusses the benefit of a quality foam roofing investment. Long lasting foam roofing is perfect for your home if you want a strong roof, and foam roof energy efficiency keeps your indoor home temperature regulated at a fraction of your usual energy use. Relatively lightweight foam roofing puts less stress on your roof and allows a flat roof to be used for other purposes like storage and living space. Installing a foam roof is also faster and easier than other [...]

February 23rd, 2018|
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