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How to Handle Storm Damage in Phoenix, AZ

Storm Damage in Phoenix, AZ Phoenix residents know that the sun isn’t their roof’s only threat. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, heavy winds, microbursts, and other severe weather conditions constantly pummel their home’s protector. Through many tests, a roof will stand strong, but sometimes it needs a little boost or some repair. When it comes to Storm Damage and your roof, there are three categories of action: Prevention, Inspection, and Repair. Prevention When ugly weather is brewing on the horizon, a few quick preparations can help protect your roof. First, make sure that all loose items in your yard have been brought in or secured. This includes things like lawn ornaments, patio furniture, or some loose-hanging decorations. Second, make sure there are no branches within six feet of your roof. In high winds, tree limbs can act like whips or even snap off and impact your roof. Third, clean out your gutters and drainage systems. Ensuring no blockages are present will help keep water flowing as it should and protect your home. Inspection Inspecting your roof is important both before and after bad [...]

February 9th, 2021|

Taking Care of Your Roof: Storm Damage

Taking Care of Your Roof: Storm Damage Wear, tear, and old age aren’t the only threats to Arizona’s roofs. Severe weather such as microbursts, thunderstorms, and heavy wind can also cause extensive damage. While your roof may stand strong through trials and tribulations, there may come a time when the weather manages to cause some damage. This article takes a look at what you can do to prevent damage, how you can discover damage, and what you can do to repair the damage. Preventative Measures A few quick and easy tasks can help keep your roof safe when bad weather is on the way. Clear out any drains and gutters to ensure water is able to flow smoothly and away from your roof. Secure any loose items in your yard like patio furniture and yard ornaments for the duration of the storm. Make sure any tree limbs are at least six feet away from your roof so the limbs won’t cause any damage whipping about in high winds. Pre and Post-Weather Inspection Keeping on top of your roof’s condition is [...]

January 12th, 2021|

5 Mistakes Roofers Should Avoid When Applying Coatings to Roofs

Roofers should be people that you can trust around your home. Most of the time, they do a good job of repairing, replacing or maintaining your roof. However, roofing professionals aren’t perfect, and they can make certain mistakes - roofer coating mistakes that can cause further damage to your roofing system. Five of the most common roofing mistakes to avoid are failing to complete proper roofing surface preparation, not allowing adequate roofing cure time, using the wrong amount of roof coatings, working under the wrong weather conditions, and improper roof coating mixing. Don't trust a roofing contractor that lacks experience with roof coats! Re-coating a roof is a basic maintenance task. Talk to Stapleton Roofing contractor if you are in need of an experienced roofer to take care of your re-coating and roofing materials. Roofing Mistakes to Avoid when Coating or Re-Coating In this post, Stapleton Roofing discusses the five mistakes roofers should avoid when applying roof coatings. Five of the most common roofing mistakes to avoid when roof coating include the lack of proper roofing surface preparation, bad conditions, [...]

May 3rd, 2019|

How Home Improvement Projects Can Qualify For Tax Deduction

Home renovations can be costly, but there are home improvements that are eligible for deductions from your tax at the end of the year. Some home upgrades give you the benefit of having your taxes deducted for a certain amount. Tax deductible home improvements can include energy efficiency upgrade tax deductions, home medical condition deductions, and home resale value tax deducting. According to these criteria, there could be cases when tax deductible roofing service is possible. In this article, Stapleton Roofing, a trusted roofing company, discusses what criteria should your home improvements meet in order to be tax deductible. Owning a home gives you a good opportunity to save yourself from paying extra taxes. Look into your home improvement details and find out if you could qualify for deduction, you may be surprised how much less you really have to pay this year! Tax Deductible Home Improvements Whether you could use necessary modifications to your home for medical reasons this year, looking to improve the resale value of your home, or investing in energy efficiency improvements to cut down your [...]

April 15th, 2019|

9 Common Roof Terminology Definitions

One of the hurdles homeowners face when researching their roofing options is the number of roofing-specific terms. Being familiar with such terms can help you make informed decisions when consulting with a roofing contractor and let you get the best roofing system that your home deserves. You might not know what are organic shingles, or other technical roof component definitions that could be useful in a conversation with a contractor. Having a good understanding of basic roofing terminology is easy when you have Stapleton Roofing's expert team of roofers to help. We make roofing definitions helpful for you and concise. The following are some of these often-used terms. Defining Common Roof Terminology to Know Working with roofers can be a challenge when it comes to technical terminology. A great roofing company will take the time do define the terms they use and avoid confusion for you, and knowing the definitions to some common roof terminology can help from a client's side as well. You may have heard terms thrown around and asked yourself questions like what are organic shingles or [...]

March 5th, 2019|
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