As seasonal changes occur, it is important for commercial property owners to schedule roof maintenance to keep the roofing systems in good working condition. Changes in the weather may result in roof blisters. They may not require immediate attention, but failing to address this problem could damage the membrane and expose the underlying substrate to moisture.

roofing blisters at a glance

About Roofing Blisters

Blisters are raised surfaces that occur in areas of the roof where there is a loss of adhesion. In these parts of the roof, air or water fill up the gaps between the roofing system layers, resulting in bubble-like protrusions. Trapped air or water will expand in warm weather while cooler temperatures at night will cause it to contract.

Blisters occur on any type of flat roof system, whether it is a membrane roof or a built-up one. Apart from moisture, they also happen because of poor installation and ventilation. Unless they burst on their own like a balloon, blisters can grow larger if left untreated.

Ways to Prevent and Fix Roof Blisters

When you are looking to install a new roofing system for your commercial property, it is important that you choose professional roofers who can do the project according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Otherwise, it is important to keep foot traffic limited, especially in warmer weather. Walking over blisters can break them open, exposing the surface to the elements that could further damage the roof. Of course, be sure to keep your roof cleaned and maintained to prevent moss or algae growth.

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