Tile roof’s have been popular for decades. Majority of new homes built today have a tile roof system installed. The major difference between the older and newer tile roof systems is the underlayment used. The tile gives the roof an unique look to the tile that was installed, but the tile is solely aesthetic. The waterproofing of the roof is the quality of the underlayment.

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Over the years, the products being used are far more superior and will last longer than the original 15-20 years. You may be wondering why so much tile roofing in Arizona, and which roof tile is best if I need an Arizona home tile roof? If you’re looking for quality tile roofing material, Stapleton Roofing is here to help! We have worked with residents throughout Arizona, and we can explain the reasons behind tile roofing popularity in your community.

You may be wondering, why so much tile roofing in Arizona? The majority of homes in Phoenix seem to use tile roofing, and local Phoenix Arizona roofing companies offer an extensive selection of roof tile materials, colors, shapes, services, and so on. Which roof tile is best for an Arizona home tile roof, and what are the advantages that make it so? Stapleton Roofing, a local Phoenix Arizona roofing company doing Arizona tile roofing for clients for generations has listed the advantages of tile roofing here, and why it makes a suitable choice for so many Arizona home tile roof systems.

Why So Much Tile Roofing in Arizona?

What are the advantages of tile roofing that make it so popular among Phoenix residents and throughout Arizona? It’s important to know a few, especially considering the significantly higher cost up-front for tile roofing as compared to other types of roofing. Tile is also heavier than other roofing options and can be challenging to maintain.

Most people believe that a tile roof is never re-placed…well, I’m here to tell you that is False. Oftentimes, tile roofing gets removed so that the underlayment is replaced, and the same tile re-installed as part of its regular maintenance. However, the lifespan of roof tiles usually is not much longer than 50 years or so. A roof that takes a lot of damage, especially from storms, tree branches, or other debris hitting the roof, may need tiles replaced sooner as well.

However, the benefits of tile roofing cause it to stand out as an advantageous Arizona home tile roof choice. As mentioned, tile has a longer lifespan than most other types of roofing, balancing out the cost of a tile roof up-front. Tile roofing is also highly effective at keeping water and weather out of a home.

One of the best features of tile, however, is its appearance. Homes in Arizona often have a color scheme and exterior design that works well with tile, as many clay and concrete tile options have warm colors that make a house look nice in a desert landscape. The appearance and lifespan of tile roofs increase the value of a home substantially, and are a great investment for homeowners. This is a major reason why so much tile is used on roofing for and why roof tile is best as a roof choice for many homeowners.

Which Roof Tile is Best for Arizona Homes?

If you are looking at tile roofing in Arizona and what to know which roof tile is best, you may want to compare cost, lifespan, and color options between different types of tile. For example, clay is usually available in more colors and has a slightly longer lifespan, but concrete is usually a cheaper tile option. Local Phoenix Arizona roofing companies usually offer ceramic tile and slate tile options as well. If you are wanting to install an Arizona home tile roof, talk to Stapleton Roofing! Our team has worked with residents throughout Arizona for generations installing top-quality tile roofing and taking care of tile roof maintenance.

Local Phoenix Arizona Roofing Solutions

Now that you know why so much tile is used for Arizona roofing, you may be interested in tile roofing for your own home. Stapleton Roofing offers tile roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof inspections, and so much more in the business of roofing. We have served clients in Arizona for generations, and our local, professional, experienced team gives customers friendly, top-quality service and uses the best roofing products. We would like to meet you and find out more about what we can do to meet your roofing needs. Contact us or call us at 602-833-ROOF (7663) to get started today!

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