Are you having trouble choosing between flat and pitched roofing? Either option has its own sets of strengths and weakness, but how exactly are they different from each other? Your trusted local roofing company gives a rundown on how the two are different from each other. You may be surprised to learn that, although a flat roof for commercial buildings is common, pitched commercial roofing structures are becoming more and more popular. There are also different strengths to modern flat residential roofing and a traditional residential sloped roof. Stapleton roofing compares flat and pitched roofing in detail.

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A thorough comparison of flat and pitched roofing considers the strengths and weaknesses of each type of roofing for any type of purpose. Most roofing falls into two categories: residential and commercial. Either type of roofing can be used for either purpose, and there are pros and cons to each option, whether its a flat roof for commercial buildings, a traditional residential sloped roof, modern flat residential roofing, or pitched commercial roofing structures.

You may know of buildings which use each of these flat and pitched roofing strategies, and perhaps you can even think of an example of each of these four roof-and-building combinations. Here are some reasons behind why each of these exist, according to Stapleton Roofing.

Flat Roof for Commercial Buildings

Flat roofing has a long history of use in business construction. A flat roof for commercial purposes became very common due to its multi-purpose, simplistic design and strength (additional space could be created on top of a building by putting the top of a flat roof to use). Flat roofs tend to be more cost-effective than itched roofs, especially when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and replacement. When the visual appeal of the building is not as important, or when a minimalist, modern look suits the business housed by the building, a flat roof for commercial use is a go-to option.

Modern Flat Residential Roofing

Although in the past, flat roofing was mostly used on commercial properties, evolving trends in residential home design have lead to an increased demand in more minimalistic roofing designs for homes. Flat roofing’s lack of profile fits the bill just right, which is why there was an increase in demand for modern flat residential roofing options.

Aside from its simple design, another major selling point of flat roofing is its relatively affordable upfront cost. This is because most versions of flat roofing are fairly easy to install. Any roofing contractor can install flat roofs faster than even a simple three-tab shingle roof. There are many types of materials used for residential flat roofs, but single ply and membrane are more popular than other materials.

Pitched Commercial Roofing Structures

Though it is not as simplistic in its design, nor as practical in the same ways as flat roofing, pitched commercial roofing structures are still making an appearance as businesses construct their exteriors. There are functional advantages to a sloped roof: water runoff can protect the roof from developing problems over time in climates where precipitation is frequent. However, the visual aesthetic of pitched commercial roofing structures is a major reason for their appearance on professional buildings.

Many people like the look of pitched roofing, and in some cases it suits the business well to have a pitched roof rather than a flat roof, especially with smaller buildings. Sometimes, a large business building will even use a mix of both flat roofing and pitched roofing features on certain parts of the building to create an even more exciting visual presentation.

Traditional Residential Sloped Roof

Pitched roofing has been around for centuries and has become synonymous with residential construction. The signature pitched or sloped roofs are available in a wide variety of styles, yet they remain easily recognizable. Sloped roofing is versatile, being a viable option for both traditional and contemporary home designs. You can’t go wrong with a traditional residential sloped roof for your home.

“Tried and tested” is the main selling point of pitched roofing these days. The sloped design looks great and is effective at shedding water runoff from rain or snowmelt. Asphalt shingles, arguably the most popular roofing material in the U.S., are installed on pitched roofing, and all roofers know how to install them. Other popular pitched roofing materials include metal, tile and slate roofing.

After seeing the differences between flat and pitched roofing, with a flat roof for commercial use versus pitched commercial roofing structures as well as a traditional residential sloped roof versus modern flat residential roofing, you may have some idea of which kind of roofing is best for your home or business and best fits your priorities. Stapleton Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor that can meet all your roofing needs, and we would love to connect with you and learn more about what you want to see in your own roof.

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