Can roof recoating make a huge difference to the longevity, attractiveness, and comfort of your home? You have probably heard of its wonders, but is it a worthwhile investment? What are some significant advantages of recoating your roof? Contacting a premier roofing contractor like Stapleton Roofing can help you identify which coating will suit your needs. The reasons for getting your roof recoated could include the fact that recoating prevents roof leaks, will lengthen your roof’s service life, helps with balancing your indoor temperature and energy use at home, and the aesthetic of roof coating improves curb appeal for your house. Stapleton Roofing would love to connect with you and find out how much you can benefit from recoating your roof! Check out these five major advantages of recoating your roof, and find out what a recoating could do for you.

Recoating Prevents Roof Leaks and Weathering

Recoating your Roofing System

Recoating prevents roof leaks and provides an extra layer of protection against untimely damage caused by constant exposure to the elements. If you are looking to improve the protection of your roof and increase leak prevention, now is a great time for you to re-coat your roof! It’s important to note that recoating prevents roof leaks before they start, so you will ideally want to recoat before you start experiencing leaks in order to save yourself the effort of dealing with repairs. Some types of coatings also hinder mold and mildew growth, which protects your roof from all kinds of other issues and decreases the money you could spend in the future for roof repairs or other costly home damage that a mold infestation might cause.

Not only is it true that recoating prevents roof leaks and mold, but it can serve the additional purpose of resisting sun and heat damage (which is a must for Phoenix residents) and insulating your home, keeping your indoor temperature pleasant at a fraction of your home’s usual energy use. The powerful dust storms in Arizona can cause significant wear to a home as well, and a roof recoating keeps damage from sand and strong winds minimal. The aesthetic of roof coating can restore much of your home’s beauty that may be lost over time to years of dust storm weathering. These other advantages of recoating your roof will be covered in further detail later on.

Lengthen Your Roof’s Service Life

Recoating your current roof could significantly lengthen your roof’s service life. An old roof, though it might look good on the surface, may still have undetected damage. You could replace your entire roof right away, or you could find alternatives to delay this project and extend the service life of the roof you already have before getting a replacement. This large of a job can be difficult to take on right away, and it may be an inconvenient time for you to begin such a project. Your roof’s service life could deteriorate quickly if it remains unprotected. One way to prolong the your roof’s service life is to invest in maintenance products that can slow down the aging process of your current roof. It may surprise you, but recoating could increase your roof’s service life up to ten years longer. Recoating your existing roofing system helps delay the decay or corrosion of the material. Entrust this job to reputable roofers like Stapleton Roofing. That way, you won’t have to worry about the early deterioration of one of your most valuable assets, and you can save some money by using your roof for a while longer.

Roof Recoating Boosts Comfort of Your Home

You want your home or business to remain cozy all year round. That said, you should set aside some funds for roof coating to shield your property from the blazing heat of the sun. A white or reflective coat, for instance, reflects the sun’s heat-causing rays while keeping your indoor temperature regulated. Roof recoating not only keeps your indoor temperature comfortable for longer periods of time, it also significantly protects your home from the damaging effects of the sun and Arizona’s severe heat! Recoating your roof is one of the most cost-effective ways you can keep your home comfortable through a simplistic means that doesn’t involve excessive maintenance, better maintaining your indoor temperature without using additional power. Balancing your indoor temperature can be an inconvenience, and recoating your roof is an effective solution that could cost you less in the long-term than a sophisticated thermostat, and could even extend the life of your hvac system through conserving use of ac and heating. This raises another one of the biggest advantages of recoating your roofing system:

Roof Recoating Increases Energy-Efficiency

Recoating your roof could greatly improve the comfort of your home without compromising its efficiency and even reduce your home’s energy use. Energy is one of your home’s most significant, long-term expenses. An investment that reduces the use of energy in your home can save you money for years, but you don’t want an energy-efficient ‘upgrade’ that negatively impacts the comfort of your home or that significantly costs you in the short-term, such as a major renovation. Complex problems require modern solutions in the area of energy efficiency, but roof coating takes the complexity out of the equation. Thankfully, recoating is an option that gives the comfort of your home a big energy-efficiency benefit with minimal expense and effort!

Aesthetic of Roof Coating Improves Curb Appeal

Roof coating can improve the look of your exterior, and the aesthetic of roof coating can attract anyone to your home, including buyers if you are looking to sell your home in the foreseeable future. Coating often comes in a variety of color options to match the overall theme of your façade. A roof will be a focal point of any home, and you can draw attention to a beautiful roof with a simple recoating. You don’t necessarily need an expensive addition or involved renovation to make your home look more attractive. If you’re wanting to see your home looking fresher and more noticeable, consider how an aesthetic of roof coating could achieve this effect for you!

Seeing that roof recoating prevents roof leaks, lengthens your roof’s service life, enhances the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, and improves curb appeal, you can see how much money this service can save you for your home, whether it is an asset you plan to keep for many years or are hoping to sell for a profit. The advantages of recoating your roof could go beyond the four listed here and benefit your home in the long run even more than you anticipated. If you are looking to enhance your home with the aesthetic of roof coating and it’s powerful roof-life protective abilities, check out Stapleton Roofing!

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