More popularly known as SPF, spray polyurethane foam is a spray-applied insulating foam plastic for roofing. While it isn’t the most recognizable roofing option, it’s actually been around since 1960s. This roofing material, nonetheless, offers a lot of advantages, especially in commercial settings. If you want to know why you should consider a quality foam roofing investment for your home, Stapleton Roofing has compiled four great advantages to consider, including foam roof energy efficiency, the ease of installing a foam roof, relatively lightweight foam roofing, and long lasting foam roofing.

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Stapleton Roofing, one of the leading roofers in the area, discusses the benefit of a quality foam roofing investment. Long lasting foam roofing is perfect for your home if you want a strong roof, and foam roof energy efficiency keeps your indoor home temperature regulated at a fraction of your usual energy use. Relatively lightweight foam roofing puts less stress on your roof and allows a flat roof to be used for other purposes like storage and living space. Installing a foam roof is also faster and easier than other types of roofing.

With a foam roof protecting your home, you don’t have to worry about leaks or water absorption in your roof. Foam resists water extremely well, and it is lightweight but sturdy, able to bear a lot of weight while not creating any excess of weight itself on your home. Foam is so energy-efficient, it can keep your indoor temperature regulated without the need for excessive energy use. This makes it a great investment for your home that will save you money on heating and AC expenses.

Installing a Foam Roof is Fast and Easy

A roof installation can take a while, which is why many people appreciate foam roofing’s unique application procedure. The SPF is applied as a liquid that, upon contact with air, expands to form a protective barrier around protrusions like pipes and vents. It also works well on commercial properties where many roofing perforations might be necessary. This makes installing a foam roof a smart option for you and your home, and a quality foam roof investment the perfect choice, especially if you live in Arizona.

Relatively Lightweight Foam Roofing is Versatile

Foam roofing weighs far less than traditional roofing materials, weighing only an eighth of a typical roofing product. This relatively lightweight foam roofing material reduces construction costs since it won’t require additional structural support. You can also use a foam roof for extra storage space, an additional living space, a place for a garden, or just a place to pace while you talk on the phone. Walking on a sturdy foam roof is safe, another reason why you may want to consider a quality foam roofing investment.

Long Lasting Foam Roofing Requires Less Maintenance

For roof replacement, most business owners hope to get a roofing material that won’t demand extra time and money for maintenance. Fortunately, foam roofing can withstand harsh weather conditions, giving your property long lasting foam roofing protection. Due to its durability, weather-resistance, and lightweight composition that can take stress well, a quality foam roofing investment could give your home the roof it needs that will be cost-effective and effortless to maintain in the long run.

Foam Roof Energy Efficiency Reduces Expense

Paired with proper coating, foam roofing can help drive your utility costs down. It reflects heat from the sun, keeping indoor temperature cozy. This also means your air conditioning units won’t have to work twice as hard. You can save money on both heating and air conditioning with foam roof energy efficiency keeping your home insulated and your indoor temperature regulated without using a lot of additional energy. A quality foam roofing investment pays off in the long run as you save money on energy expenses over time.

After seeing the rewards you can gain with a quality foam roofing investment, you may want a foam roof of your own. Installing a foam roof is fast, and the relatively lightweight foam roofing features as well as the foam roof energy efficiency and long lasting foam roofing properties available with this type of roof will add up to a great home improvement you’ll be satisfied with for years and years. Get in touch with one of the best roofing companies in the area who offers this type of roofing system. Fortunately, at Stapleton Roofing, we have exceptional roofing products to fit your needs, including foam roofing, and our crew has the training and skills required to install and maintain this special type of roof. Call us today at (602) 562-4991 or (602) 755-6250. We serve residents of Peoria, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and other nearby areas in Arizona.

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