Roofing granules are an essential component of the roof. Aside from aesthetic purposes, roofing granules also function to protect your shingles’ integrity from the elements, especially from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However, there are some instances when your roofing could start losing its granules, but, before you call the local roofing companies for help, it’s best you narrow down the possible reasons for it.

4 Possible Reasons Your Asphalt Roof Is Losing Its Granules

  1. New Roof – If your roof was recently installed on your home, then granule loss isn’t something about which you should be alarmed. These granules, which were most likely loosened by the roofers themselves, are likely just excess granules on the roof.
  2. Aging – With age comes a slow and steady decline of your roof. Naturally, that means the weather and sun exposure will cause your roof to lose its flexibility and shed some of its granules. However, if your roof has seen some mileage and is starting to leave large “bald” spots on your roof when the granule is washed off, then that likely means that your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan. Should this start to occur, call a professional to replace your roof immediately.
  3. Hail Damage – Strong storms can cause your asphalt roof to lose its granules, especially hailstorms. Hail is especially hazardous for your roofing system as the damage it can cause may also produce pitting. Hail damage can reduce your roof’s remaining lifespan depending on the severity of the damage the storm caused.
  4. Defects – If your roof is still fairly new but not recently installed, and it starts to lose its granules, there’s a possibility that the roof itself may be defective. One sign of this is typically the exposure of the shingle substrate via “premature bald” patches early in its lifespan. Have your roof replaced as soon as possible when this occurs.

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